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Montage with two pink and two blue costumes.

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For 24 years the story of these heroes has been told on television programs and since then, they have won movies, comics and games inspired by this group. The success is immense and the legion of fans too! Therefore, it is very common for people to want a Power Rangers costume, when they are looking for a character inspiration to imitate at a party or carnival. If that’s your case, know that here you’ll find several different models for men, women, children and groups!

Power Rangers Children’s Fantasy Photos and Ideas

Before getting to the costumes, it’s always good to know a little more about the background of the character you’re going to play, isn’t it? In this case, each generation of Power Rangers was made up of different members and each wore a uniform with a specific color. Rangers once existed: red, blue, green, pink, yellow, black, white, gold, among others. In other words, the color options for a Power Rangers costume are for all tastes!

Montage with two pink and two blue costumes.Pink and white fantasy.Power Rangers Fantasy Black, white and gold.

This costume makes reference to the Megaforce phase, from 2013.


Despite the different shades, the leaders of each group were usually the ones wearing the red uniform. Therefore, among children, this may be the favorite model. As for the types, you will certainly find options that combine this color mainly with black and white. The design on the uniform refers to the phase and season of the franchise.

Boy in red Power Rangers costume.

The Power Rangers fantasy above, for example, makes reference to the 2013 Megaforce season. The model below is from the 2011 Samurai phase.

Red and black fantasy.

On the other hand, the uniform below is similar to the one worn in 2007 in the Operation Overdrive season.

Red and white fantasy.


Another color that may be preferred among boys and girls is the green. Mainly because of the movie released this year, which has a new theory involving Rita Repulsa. Not to give any spoilers, we’ll stop here, but of course you can watch the movie to find out what’s new! Or, if you want to know more about this story, check out this link!

Fantasy power rangers green.

Returning to the costumes, the models in this color are even more aimed at boys. And among them, you can find a Dino Charge level (above) or a Samurai (below).

Fantasy Green Samurai.

Dino Charge

As we’ve already mentioned, there are different types of uniforms. After all, practically every season had a name and new clothing model. THE Dino Charge it is an example! Broadcast on Cartoon Network in 2015, the stage got its name, as the characters used prehistoric forces to defeat their enemies.

Children's Power Rangers Fantasy.

According to specialists, this season was the one with the most extra colors of uniforms, such as gold, silver, purple, gray and light blue.

Red Dino Charge Sweatshirt.Pink Fantasy.Fantasy Power Rangers Red.Fantasy Power Rangers Pink.


The Nickelodeon channel has also aired the franchise for two years, in 2011 and 2012. At that time, it was called Samurai and super samurai. For this reason, the uniforms refer to these noble Japanese warriors, as they look like kimonos.

Montage with blue, red and pink costumes.

Adult Power Rangers Fantasy Photos and Ideas

As this franchise is over 20 years old, many adults also enjoy wearing Power Rangers costumes. So, here are some models for you to get inspired!


You can already imagine what is the most used color by women, don’t you? The pink Power Rangers costume is highly sought after by the female audience and has several versions. But despite the variety, many people prefer the original uniforms, like the one in the photo below. It was inspired by the first season, which aired in 1993.

Power Rangers Pink adult costume.

Pink and white fantasy.Purple costume with yellow accents.

Purple Fantasy in Dino Charge level.

But if you don’t like pink, there are other shades you can bet on, like the purple it’s the yellow.

Yellow and white feminine fantasy.


For men, the diversity of colors is a little bigger. Most prefer the Red Power Rangers costume, but there are also several options in green, blue, black and even White.

Red and white male costume.Red and white jumpsuit.Montage with green, blue and white fantasy.


Even though it’s cool to go to a party dressed as Power Rangers, when the costume is in a group, the result is even more amazing! And this team if heroes can be formed by women Men or families, including children.

Montage with photos of groups dressed as Power Rangers.Group of friends dressed as Power Rangers, with Gigi Hadid in pink.

Model Gigi Hadid is one of the famous who has bet on this fantasy with friends.

Family dressed as Power Rangers.

Is there a more amazing family photo than this one?

Six women dressed as Power Rangers.Four women dressed as Power Rangers.

How to Make an Improvised Power Rangers Costume

If you need an urgent look for the party and don’t have a lot of time to look for it, how about improvising your Power Rangers costume? The step by step is super simple and you will need:

  • 100% Cotton shirt;
  • Pencil;
  • Ruler;
  • Durex tape;
  • Fabric paint;
  • Sponge;
  • Brush tool.

First, choose a T-shirt in the color of your favorite Power Rangers. Then use your pencil to make a four-finger mark below the shirt collar. Then use a ruler to measure 8 centimeters from the first vertical mark. Also make a horizontal marking of twelve centimeters. From these marks, you will use a taper to form a diamond.

Place a cardboard, magazine or newspaper in the middle of the shirt to prevent the ink from smearing the other side.

Use a kitchen sponge to apply the paint to the center of the diamond and let it dry. Use the product one more hand, this time using the brush and let it dry. Then carefully remove the tape and repeat the process until you fill a band of diamonds.

Assembly teaching how to make a Power Rangers t-shirt and belt.

Power Rangers Belt

Once your shirt is ready, you can also make a belt to complete the costume. For this you will need:

  • EVA White;
  • Scissors;
  • White glue;
  • Hair clip;
  • Cardboard;
  • Durex tape;
  • Hot glue.

First, cut a strip of EVA that wraps around your waist. Then Google a nice morpher for you to use as your belt buckle. Print, cut out and glue onto another piece of EVA. Then glue a piece of duct tape over the design to protect it. Cut out a piece of cardboard the same size as the buckle and use white glue to hold them together. Cut off the excess and apply a layer of white paint on the sides. Once dry, glue the morpher onto the EVA strip. Use hot glue to attach two hairpins to the back of the morpher. That way, you can use them to fasten, to put on and take off your belt as many times as you like! To view the full tutorial, click here!

To complete the costume, you can wear shorts or black pants. In the case of girls, it’s also worth betting on a tutu skirt, as in the photo below!

Pink costume with tutu skirt.


And to make your Power Rangers costume even more amazing, you can also include a mask! It can be printed or made from EVA using molds.

Pink Printable Mask Template.

Mask for printing.

If you chose the second option, you should start by measuring your face or whoever is going to use the mask. Then mark the cut for the eyes. Don’t forget to use more than one EVA color to make your piece even more beautiful. And after sprucing it up, clip or glue a piece of elastic to the back! You can also use a stapler to help fix it.

Each season had a different costume and mask, but at party time, the most important thing is to have fun and be comfortable with the item you’ve chosen!

Red, Blue, Black, Pink and Green Power Rangers Masks.

With so many amazing models and tips, you definitely know what your costume will be for your next party! Did you like the text? Then check out our latest posts on 15th birthday themes, 52 plus size dress designs, how to put together a Christmas dinner, and Star Wars party inspirations! Do you have any questions or suggestions? So let us know in the comments!

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