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assembly with dress models in different colors plus size.

Plus Size Party Dress – 52 Gorgeous Models & Awesome Tips!

Party productions always ask for that dress with a glam touch to add to the composition, right? The problem is that most of the time the fullest women they don’t find alternatives that perfectly fit the silhouette.

AND thinking about these probabilities, here we are today going to talk about Plus Size Party Dresses, after all, the types have an incredible variety of models as well as in terms of colors and textures that can SUPER disguise the extra kilos!

Are you curious and want to get inside everything? So come with us!

assembly with dress models in different colors plus size.

Photos and Models of Plus Size Party Dress

As we’ve already mentioned, the plus size party dress options are very diverse and for you to understand better below, we have separated some topics with the respective alternatives and even an extra content full of suggestions for stores and prices (for you who know how to buy yours). Check it out and …


Simple models are those without a lot of details or ornaments, being excellent dress proposals for discreet women who do not want to be too daring on occasion!

Generally these pieces are smoother and with a super beautiful fit, whether they are shorter or longer, the type can also carry subtle cuts such as discreet necklines, sleeves lightly worked with ruffles, for example.

Now our tip for the time to compose the look, it’s up to you to always opt for the more closed tones with V-necks that help to lengthen the silhouette a lot!

Models wear a plus size dress in lead gray and beige print, long model.

Plus size long dress alternatives with “V” neckline.

Short and long models in navy blue tones.

Model wears black dress with slit and v-neck.

Long black, fitted to the body with side openings.

With subtle details on the sleeves.

Models wear short and long dresses in the same color (dark purple).

Two other beautiful ideas.


The short ones are undoubtedly among the most daring proposals and that print a very sexy look due to the evidence they bring to the curves.

And when it comes to looks for plus size women, you should always take into account some factors (to enhance the shape even more) and they are:

  • Lengths for short dress – Always at knee height or at most 3 fingers (below or above).
  • necklines – Choose necklines that elongate like the “V” ones.
  • Shoes – Bet on models in nude color, as they cause the impression of looking longer.

Model wears bright nude dress, short model with nude shoes and hair up.

Combined with nude sandals.

Proposed plus size one-shoulder party dress (with sheer details).

Model wears short nude dress with silver sandal and nude bag.

Plus size nude dress option.

In sparkling texture.

Model wears a gray half-sleeve dress with sparkles combined with nude shoes.

With subtle details in sparkles.


Another beautiful plus size one-shoulder party dress bet.

Model wears dark purple dress combined with silver sandals.

Dress option in slightly evase cut.

Discreet white.

Purple with lace details.

Model wears print wine red dress combined with closed black shoe.

Traditional model in burgundy tones (printed).

Model wears light blue lace dress, model combined with nude shoes.

Dress option in turquoise blue.


Do you want a pattern to really rock the event? Opt for plong dress suits with details, after all this bet goes very well for Night looks without counting the trim and impeccable shapes that the piece brings (Also counting that it helps to visually make the silhouette even more elongated).

Below see the selection with great alternatives for you to be inspired!

Model wears long plus size dress in shades of black and rose with neckline "V".

Waisted model with lace details.

In beautiful and differentiated texture.

Model wears long, shoulder-to-shoulder, blue dress, mermaid train.

Mermaid dress model.

With lace details and beautiful trim.

Model wears light blue one-shoulder dress, waistband with blue handbag.

One-shoulder modeling in shades of light blue.

Beautiful proposal for a plus size party dress in shades of white with neckline.

Yellow textured in lace.

Model wears black dress with details of side flowers, strapless strap.

Sensual modeling with slit sidework.

Beautiful bet with sequin details and subtle transparencies.

Model wears long burgundy satin dress.

Another alternative with revealing transparency details.

with income

Lace is one of the textures that bring the most sophistication the pieces and when it comes to party dresses, then, don’t even talk!

the detail revealing of transparencies, mixed fabric types with more aligned trims make the model even more powerful regardless of length!

In our mega composition tip, this texture doesn’t have many rules, the only caveat from the fashion experts is the balance of proportions in terms of accessories, considering that lace is a well-ornate fabric only dresses in more vibrant shades demand a little attention in terms of accessories, that is, they must remain more discreet, considering that a good option are the elongated necklaces without pendants (because they carry that hyper benefit of helping to lengthen the silhouette).

Model wears plus size party dress in nude color with black lace details and black sandals.

With beautiful details in black lace.

Basic black modeling, with work in floral lace on the bust.

Model wears a medium length navy blue long sleeve dress, all in lace combined with sandals in the same color.

Plus size party dress option with long lace sleeves.

Super beautiful long proposal with details in the texture.

Model wears all black lace dress combined with caramel lace sandals.

With rounded neckline and transparencies.

All White Modeling.

Beautiful alternative with lace details and embroidery on the modeling skirt.

Model wears a nude lace dress with no neckline, combined with a light yellow sandal.

All in lace, half sleeves in nude tones.

All lace, fair-length model.

Want to see amazing plus size prom dress designs!? (CLICK HERE)

long sleeve

It was the time when long sleeve party dress models were the rule only for the colder seasons, after all sleeves can bring even more air sophisticated modeling depending on the details on the sleeves and also the fit in the lap.

The options that highlight the shoulders and the neckline at the same time balance the sensuality of the pieces and are a good bet for women who want a more daring dress proposal.

Another super cool tip of the long sleeves and the power they have to pass the impression of dry measurements, especially if the modeling is in dark colors like the red (burgundy) or black for example!

Model wears long burgundy dress with v-neck.

Beautiful option cpm sleeves in lace.

Modeling in dark blue tone.

Model wears white, gray and black long sleeve dress.

Pattern with mix of tones.

Another proposal for a plus size party dress in turquoise blue, super beautiful.

Model wears short sleeve flare dress.

Option with flare sleeve cutout.

In vibrant red tones.

Model wears nude dress with neckline, hand clutch and sandal in the same color.

Nude with shiny details..

Black party dress option, waistline modeling.

Model wears black dress with transparencies and nude bag.

Long black and gray.

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Where to Buy: Stores and Pricing Tips

Did you like the pieces and want to purchase without leaving the comfort of home?

follow our smart list with the best stores and prices!

Animated illustration with cartoon shopping bags and woman carrying them.

  • Tresur – white dress (printed) BRL 347
  • Renner – Black plus size short dress (with details) BRL 99
  • Posthaus – Black dress with transparencies detail on the hem BRL 169
  • Liló Fashion – Blue dress (all in income) BRL 185
  • Madee Plus – Long black dress (cold knit) with details BRL 123

Heads up: All sites listed above have the consumer safety seal (buy and trust).

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