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Large Safari Party Decoration

50 Beautiful Decor Models to get inspired!

For moms who want to make a beautiful and charming decoration for their children, the safari party is an excellent option. The safari theme is a favorite theme for children because of the cute decoration made with pets. The secret to making a beautiful party with this theme is to plan and pay attention to every little detail, because what makes this party beautiful is the whimsy in the details, from the moment of choosing the invitation to the time of congratulations. To help moms start preparing for the safari party decorations, we’ve put together in this article 50 ideas for you to get inspired.

Safari Party Decoration Tips

Defining the type of decoration that will be done is the first thing to do before starting safari party preparations. As this decoration is rich in details, everything must be carefully analyzed so that the decoration is beautiful and harmonious. In the decoration of this theme, what predominates at the time of assembly is the harmonization of pink and lilac colors for girls and brown, green, orange and blue for boys. To give you an idea of ​​what to follow when choosing decor models, below are some beautiful safari party decor ideas.

Large Safari Party Decoration

When decorating the party, it is very important to perfect the details with the main colors of the theme so that the decoration is cheerful and fun

Fake Fabric Cake Safari Party

The fake cake is not only beautiful, it can be made at home

Safari Party Mickey Beautiful Rustic Decor

A good tip to make the decoration realistic is to use the English wall.

Simple and Cheap

For those who want to have a beautiful party without having to spend too much, there are beautiful safari decor models that are very practical and economical. To create a simple and beautiful decoration, it is possible to use several practical and economical ways to decorate. The first tip we’ll give for this type of decoration is to bet on homemade effects, such as EVA appliqués and felt. Another tip is to make the best use of balloons, which in addition to being cheap makes the decoration very beautiful. Buying paper decorative kits at party supply stores is also a beautiful and very economical option to spend little and throw a cute party. See in the images below beautiful decor models in the simple Safari theme for you to be inspired.

Simple Homemade Safari Party

Taking care of flower arrangements is a great tip for safari decor

Simple Safari Party with Balloons

For those who like decorations with balloons, a beautiful option to perfect the decoration is to make sculptures with balloons, besides making the decoration beautiful, it is very simple to make

Safari party decorated with paper kit

The ready-made decor models, even though they are simple, still make the party beautiful to celebrate with the children

Safari party with EVA panel

With the practicality of EVA it is possible to create beautiful homemade ornaments to make a beautiful decoration

Safari Party Mickey EVA Wall Appliques


The safari baby party decor is one of the cutest themes for a children’s party. The decoration in this theme is mainly composed of balloons, felt and stuffed animals and personalized candy tables. We separated some cute ideas in this kind of heart in the safari theme for moms to be inspired when choosing.

Safari party baby EVA appliqué

The baby decoration is very cute, as it is a more delicate decoration, it is a great option to use in the 1st year party

Safari baby party with curtain

The decorative clothesline, in addition to leaving the decoration fluffy, is a very economical option for decoration and can be made at home

To make the candy table look beautiful, using the mini teddy bears is a cute and very delicate option

Safari party baby table decoratedSafari baby party with plush toys

Artificial vines are an excellent option to decorate the walls


Provençal decoration is the most used decoration today. The combination of decorative ornaments and white furniture is beautiful and delicate. With the Provençal decoration, the safari party space is delicate and very cozy. To leave the furniture decorated, various models of decorations are used, such as artificial plants, animal displays, picture frames and various other decorations. See some beautiful photos of Provencal decoration that we have separated.

White Provençal Safari Party

In white Provençal decoration, it is important to take care of the colors, as the furniture makes the decorations stand out well.

White Provençal Safari Party with Bladder Panel

Taking care of personalized sweets is a good way to make your Provencal table decoration beautiful and delicate

Provençal Safari Party

The more colorful the more the Provencal decoration looks beautiful

White Provencal Safari Party with leaves on the ground

MDF displays are a beautiful option to make the decoration even more beautiful and voluminous


A beautiful safari party decor model is rustic decor. In this decoration, Provençal furniture is used in its raw form, in addition to decorations where antique furniture is used. To make this decoration beautiful and explore the world of the jungle in this decoration, several different types of decorations are used within the theme such as life-size plush toys, hanging plants, decorative trees and English wall. In the photos below we separate beautiful decoration options for a rustic safari party.

A rustic safari party with an English wallSafari party decorated with rustic furniture

The rustic decor makes the environment even more like nature

Rustic Safari Party with large plush toys

In the rustic decoration, the colorful decorations are highlighted

Safari party rustic table decorationSafari party with rustic jute decoration

A good choice of space for a safari party is outdoors, so guests will really feel like they’re on a real safari


At the pink safari party, what is most impressive is the delicacy of the details. In this decoration, what makes everything beautiful are the delicate details of the candy table, the fabrics used to decorate the tables, the balloon panels, paper and fabric. Below we have separated beautiful pink safari decor models to make the girls’ party beautiful and very delicate.

Pink Safari Party with Paper PanelPink Safari Party with Mini Jeep

The pink decor is very beautiful as the details are in perfect harmony

Safari Party Pink Decorated TableSafari Roa Party with Peronalia PanelSafari party roa with fabric and balloon panel


Mickey’s safari party decoration is a beautiful decoration option and for being a character so loved by children it ended up becoming one of the most used themes in children’s parties. In this theme, what is highlighted in the decoration is the version of the character Mickey as a cute adventurer. The cutest decorations to compose this decoration are the character displays, the decorative animals, the balloon arch with the theme colors and the plant vases. Be inspired to follow with beautiful images that we separate with beautiful models of decoration.

Rustic Mickey Safari PartySafari Mickey Party with BalloonsSafari Mickey Party with Bladder PanelSafari Mickey Party with English Wallmickey safari party


Just as the character Mickey got his version at the safari party, the character Minie got his version too. In the decoration of the safari Minie party it is beautiful as the details gained a cute and delicate touch of pink, in this theme what stands out is the harmony between the safari theme and the pink details such as panel, table decorations and animal print prints . Below we have separated beautiful decoration models in the theme to inspire moms who want to make the party in Minie’s safari theme.

Minnie Safari PartyPink Minnie Safari PartySafari Minnie Party with Fabric Panel

Photos of Decorated Safari Cake

We can say that after the birthday person, Bolo Safari is one of the protagonists of the safari party. There are mothers who prefer to use the fake cake at the table and serve their guests a pre-cut cake. Others like the traditional congratulations with the cut of the cake at the end. Usually the fake cake is decorated with biscuit, EVA, fabric and spackle. The edible cake is usually decorated with American paste, milk paste, frosting, whipped cream and rice paper. Below we separate beautiful models of decorative and edible cakes to help you choose a beautiful model to celebrate this special and unforgettable day.

Safari party cake doughEVA cake safari partybiscuit cake safari partyWhipped Cream Cake Safari Partyicing cake safari party

Templates for Invitations and Favors

Safari Invitations are beautiful and there are many beautiful models to use at the kids’ party. For you to be inspired, we have chosen some of the most beautiful invitation models for you to be inspired when choosing. The first model that we are going to recommend is the invitation card, this invitation model, in addition to being simple and beautiful, can be made at home. Another beautiful model that we are going to suggest is the suitcase invitation, this is a cute model in the shape of a suitcase in which the guest feels invited to join the adventure. A beautiful and very well crafted model is the scrapbook, in this invitation model the beauty is on account of the 3d appliqués and the decorated envelopes. Other cute and creative safari invitation templates are kirigame, passport, box, puzzle and jeep.

Safari Party Invitation CardSafari party invitation briefcaseSafari Party Invitation Printed

Another very important choice that mothers have when starting the preparations for the safari party is in relation to the souvenir model that the guests will receive at the end of the party. This is a very important choice because it is through this object that the guest will remember how the day of the party was so special. A tip that we can give in relation to souvenirs is to choose something that can be used in some way by the guest in my daily life so that he can keep it with affection. Among the most beautiful models of souvenirs for the safari party, we can indicate the souvenirs made of felt, biscuit, MDF, tubes, baskets, tins, acrylic boxes, candy holders and pillows.

Felt souvenir safari partyMDF box safari partytube safari partypillow safari partySafari party souvenir basket

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