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Ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois

Ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois

If this year you want to break with tradition and want commemorating Natal by twoThere are different ideas that you can do to achieve a party of romanticism and peace. In a How do we give you some ideas to commemorate the Natal a doisThe tour includes a visit to the house, a romantic song and a spicy surprise that will make your heart beat faster.

Take note of ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois and transform ourselves into the protagonists of a cinematic love story.

A card of Natal set

Uma das ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois is to offer your family and friends a native postcard in which the two of you appear. It is a very romantic option to share your love with the people closest to you. There are different ways to make a postal card from Natal to two:

  • Um Romantic Natal cartoonIf you are two incurable romantics, you can create a card in which you appear to give a kiss, by hand or in a loving attitude.
  • Um Natal fun cardIf you are a fun house, the best is to opt for a postcard that causes surprises, for example, you can make funny masks for the camera, or you can make a very comfortable position, but very graceful.
  • Um traditional Natal cardboardIf you like Natal in all its essence, the best is to send posters of classic Natal in which you appear with the tree of your birth or with the chapel of Santa Claus.

In this article you will learn how to make postais of Natal and, if you need inspiration, here you will find original phrases to congratulate the natal.

Encha sua casa de Natal

Transforming your home into a purely native place can be a very fun task if you fizer a dois. It is not only a question of decorating it with typical elements such as the nursery tree, but of the whole set: going shopping, deciding what you want to put in the house, decorating the lar, etc.

The presence is one of the elements of Natal that cannot be missing in your house, for that reason, mount or groom can be a boa idea to commemorate the Natal a doisThe river or where the Three Wise Men will pass by can become a fun activity to be done with your partner. In this article we show you how to make a Presepio de Natal so that you can keep in mind all the details.

A arvore de Natal It is also a fundamental element that you should have in your house if you want to dress it for these parties. The assembly and the decoration of the tree are also ideal to make the two and to create, this way, a native and very welcoming atmosphere. In a How we give you some ideas to decorate the tree of Natal and to make it a decorative element of your house.

An idea: while you are assembling these two native elements in your house, place typical music from NatalIn this way you will create that special, homely essence that only comes from Natal.

Ideas to commemorate Natal at two - Encha sua casa de Natal

Cozinhar together not Natal

Other ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois is to enjoy a romantic home singing, in which it can include the best recipes of Natal: the Peruvian reheated, the Mexilhões with champagne, the cannelloni or the costeletas de cordeiro.

Go together to the kitchen and prepare a succulent native menu that will serve as an anteroom to a night of unbridled love.

One of the most traditional menus this year is the following one:

Vão viajar!

Why not? Even though Natal is traditionally a place where families can meet, if they want to commemorating Natal by two you can give yourself the luxury of traveling. You best destinations to travel in Natal são:

  • Nova Iorque: where you will be able to hallucinate with the enormous tree of Natal that they place in Rockefeller Center.
  • Lapland: the place where Papai Noel moors.
  • London: in Trafalgar Square they also put a huge tree of Natal, besides the city is full of typical markets in this date.
  • Paris: the “city of love” is one of the most romantic destinations if you want to commemorate Natal at two.
Ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois - Vão viajar!

Present persons

If you want more ideas to commemorate the Natal a dois We advise you to put a little bit of yourself in our presents than to do; therefore, we recommend that among the presents from Natal, you keep some to do yourself.

For example, one of the most perfect gifts to present to your partner is a photo album or a collage with photographs of voices, cuts or notes; it is something very romantic and personal that will certainly move you.

You can also present a CD with the songs of voices or with romantic songs, a perfect present to be placed during a night of love. If you want more creative ideas for Natal, think of personalized gifts or surprise your partner with a romantic morning coffee in bed; they are perfect details that will make you live an unforgettable experience. Natal a dois.

Very intimate surprises

Outra idea to commemorate the Natal a dois it’s surprising in bed. For example, after romantic singing you can perform a sensual massage in the room decorated with candles and aphrodisiacs; you can also surprise him by doing a strip-tease erotic that he will certainly worship. In How we teach you to say goodbye to a man and to do a sensual dance.

If you want to surpreender your partnerYou can do it with an erotic present for Natal: vibrators, erotic books, sexy lingerie or erotic films are perfect options to make a Natal the two rooms of peace.

Ideas to commemorate Natal a dois - Surpresas muito íntimas

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