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How to decorate a table for Natal

How to decorate a table for Natal

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With the Natal beating to the door, he starts to run to buy the presents of natal, to mount the tree of natal, home decorate and invite the family to Ceia de Natal. Natal’s church is, without a doubt, one of the star moments of the night of birth, so you should take a look at the decoration to give more charm to the occasion. And for that you don’t need to spend all your money, at home you can make beautiful and original decorations to decorate your birth table. If you are lacking ideas, then in a How are we going to give you some tips on how to get How to decorate a table for Natal.



First of all, you should think about the colours to use for your Natal table decoration. In addition, it is important that they are consistent with the colours used in the rest of the Natal decoration in the house. You can choose from the traditional colours of this period, such as red or green, but you can also choose from colours such as prateado, golden and red. You can combine green with white or red with white, you don’t have to use these two colours together.

In first place escolha uma boa toalha de mesaI prefer always cheerful colors. If you do not have a towel with native shades you can always choose three options, or use a more elegant white and add decorative elements to the table, use a red or green, typical shades of this festival, so even if you do not have native shades you will be able to match the spirit of your birth. Remember to pass the towel to make it look perfect.


Use uma table towel with native motifs It’s already enough to decorate your table for Natal. If you don’t have one, you can use a table towel of a colour just like the red one or, even a full white towel and give colour to the table with the decorative elements to be placed on it.


Do you know those words and talents that you have kept in your closet for special occasions? The Natal is the perfect occasion to throw away that light and use it. The same goes for the flakes, if you have a set dedicated to special occasions, use the Natal for them. If you want you can also buy a set of dishes with native motifs, with the certainty that only this will give much joy and color to your table of birth.

How to decorate a table for Natal - Step 3

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You table centres are essential for decorating the table for the Natal and, depending on the size of the table you can use one or more centerpieces. A very simple way to make a Natal centerpiece is to stick it in a glass container and put in natal balls. Instead of the glass container, you can also use a decoration plate and place the balls in it, if you want to add some velinhas and pins. Another legal idea to make a centerpiece is to put glass pots with colorful bullets (of the same color to use for the rest of the decoration) and to decorate the pot with colorful leaves or with papa nel’s bonecos. You can also make a bullet tree and use it as a centerpiece, among our article to know how to do it step by step.

You can find more ideas for making centerpieces in our article: Centerpieces for Natal.

How to decorate a table for Natal - Step 4

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Another way to decorate the table for the Natal is by using candlesWe have created a perfect environment for our children, in addition to giving them a pleasant aroma. You can decorate some candles that you have at home, adding glitter or putting colorful stickers or fabrics with prints, or making your own candles of natal. We teach you how to make scented candles for Natal and how to decorate candles for Natal.

How to decorate a table for Natal - Step 5

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On each plate you will be able to place a message from Natal in the form of a postcard or even make a little bewitchment with something inside, it can be a twelve or even the message from Natal. You will see how this simple touch will leave your table in Natal with another shine.

How to decorate a table for Natal - Step 6

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As cadeiras We can also be decorated for the singing of Natal. To do this, simply paste on a piece of wood that you use to decorate your birthplace and place it around the shores of the bay by making a bow. In addition, you can add figures alluding to the nativity scene, such as the Christmas card, a nativity scene pinheirinho, a baby bonnet, etc.

How to decorate a table for Natal - Step 7

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  • If you are the host of the nursery, do not leave the table decoration for the last moment, plan ahead so that you can think about what you are going to do and buy what you need.
  • It is normal that you want everything to be perfect, but it is important to involve the whole family in the decoration, especially the youngest so that they feel involved in this tradition.

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