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How to dress not ano novo

How to dress not ano novo

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When the revolution is over, many doubts about what to wear start to arise. That’s why, in a How are we going to give you tips to know how to dress not ano novo e ficar dazzling. A eve of new year requires a little bit more whimsy lookThe final date is a special one. But the choice of look will depend on the place where you want to spend this night of the year, if you want to spend the turn in the beach, at home with your family or friends or in a special party. In order not to miss the look and be perfect, follow our instructions!



In the choice of clothes for the year, you should not only take into account the style, but also the chorus. There are several superstitions about choice of colour for this special night and, even if you don’t believe in them, you don’t have to be tempted! Enter our article and find out the meaning of the most used colors in the new year and choose the one that best symbolizes the one you want for the new year.

How to dress not ano novo - Step 1

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If you are going to pass to virada na praia together with your friends, so you should bet on a practical look. You’ll be moving around in the night and with the heat of the weather don’t worry that you won’t be cold, so bet on lightweight fabrics. Light clothes, shorts and racing sessions are a good option. For the shoes, a rasteirinhas or sapatilhas are the ideal choice, not only because you will walk and dance a lot, but also because you will probably go to the area.

How to dress not ano novo - Step 2

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Quem vai passar o ano novo em casa together with family and friends, fears the advantage of any look ficar bem. Here you have two hypotheses, you can bet on a more comfortable look by using, for example, leggings with a T-shirt and giving up the look through a different look or a makeover. Or, you can bet on a more sophisticated look by using pieces of fine fabrics that give the look elegance. With a high jump and accessories you can always give the look a lift.

How to dress not ano novo - Step 3

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If in your new year’s eve you go to someone ballad or a slightly more refined party, so the skirts and dresses are an excellent choice. Here you can use more elaborate clothes with details in gold, shiny, rendas and transparencies. The high jump is the shoe of choice and with respect to the jewelry, opt for maxi jumps or colars.

How to dress not ano novo - Step 4

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Now you can make a difference gala celebrationI bet on an overproduction. For these events, the ideal piece is long dresses, with transparencies. As for the shoes, the high jump is essential and you must choose shoes lined with fabric that give the look elegance. The clutches, the jumps, and the collars should also be used. Remember to think first about the type of decoating and only then about the wash.

How to dress not ano novo - Step 5

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It is common in the new year for people to use new clothes, but you don’t need to do that. Reuse your clothes, stick them on a basic dress you have in your wardrobe and customize them by adding embroidered or shiny elements, you will see that with a little effort the result will be excellent. If you believe in superstitions, all you have to do is buy some socks and you don’t need to spend more money. Take advantage of this special night of the year! In a How we wish you a Happy New Year!

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  • Regardless of the type of party you attend, you should always be well dressed. As for the choice of colours, do not necessarily follow superstitions, follow your taste and take into account the colours that are most favourable and suitable for the occasion.
  • And you already know what you’re going to wear this year? Tell us all you want to know!

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