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Ideas for gifts for the Day of the Loved ones for men

Ideas for gifts for the Day of the Loved ones for men

Creative, romantic and economical for all types of namorados! Or day of São Valentim or Day Two NamedThe 14th of February is celebrated in Europe. However, in Brazil this date is celebrated on June 12, the eve of Santo António’s day. It is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has been practiced little by little in other countries. On this day you can offer your companion any gift that shows your love and affection for him. Although the event that you demonstrate on a daily basis is important, this day can also be celebrated in a special way. We are not going to give you any ideas for homens presents of Dia dos Namorados.

Presents of Dia dos Namorados breeding and cheap

But let’s face it, I’m gonna give you a piece of my mind ideas for presents for the Day of the Loved Onesaccording to the proposal you have for the present you want to offer. But before that we want to give you some very original and economical ideas that we think will help you please your name not next Day Two Namorados:

  • How about offering a wine carafe wrapped in tissue paper so that they can drink together in a song at home, this is also a good idea present for namorado recente;
  • You will also be able to surprise with a cheia bag of guloseimas. To do so, you can make a cardboard cut with an opening in the center and place it at the end of the bag.
  • For present of day two namorados for simple and romantic menprepare uma noite de cinema em casa. How do you do that? Find a film you like and put it on TV or computer. I prepared some wine glasses and two wine glasses for you to accompany you during the film.
  • Plan a café da manhã accompanied by a romantic written message. She will certainly love it! For the morning coffee I prepared morangos and pão cortado in the form of a chorus. You can find more ideas in our article about how to make a romantic morning coffee.
  • Want to give me a taster present of day two namorados for homem e cheap? Faça uma sensual massagem to stop or to seduce. In this article we explain how to make a sensual massagem no dia dos namorados.
  • If you both have Instagram, a very original idea would be to make a photo album with the Lovestagram.
  • You can also make a Day of the Loved Ones biscuit with all your heart or decorate a cupcake with hearts.
Idea of Day of the Loved ones for men - Creative and cheap Day of the Loved ones Presents

Technology as a present of Dia dos Namorados for men

Offering technology, whether it is one of the latest innovations or something that can be useful to have, is always a great way to offer a man:

  • Orçamento altoA photo album: a notebook, a smartphone, a camera, an iPod, a GPS or an eBook.
  • Orçamento médio: a videogame, a legal sound system, a keyboard and a mouse without any fuss.
  • Orçamento baixo: some accessory for your cell phone or smartphone such as a cape, headphones or a battery charger.
Ideas of Dia dos Namorados presents for men - Technology as a Dia dos Namorados present for men

Or what to give as a gift from Dia dos Namorados? Culture!

If your partner is someone who likes to cultivate his mind, then what better to present than some culture? Depending on your tastes and your choice, here are some ideas for a Day of the Loved Ones gift for men to enjoy music, theater, cinema and other arts:

  • High orçamento: A ticket for an opera or a musical theatre.
  • Orçamento médio: tickets for a show or a comedy piece.
  • Orçamento baixo: a book, a CD of your favorite band or visit an exhibition.
Ideas of Dia dos Namorados presents for men - What to give as a Dia dos Namorados present? Culture!

Offer something sentimental

A present that never fails is one that fears some sentimental significance. Thus, you can experience some of these details that will certainly please your partner:

  • High orçamento: We offer you a digital photo frame that illustrates the most special moments spent together, or a weekend in a hotel or country house.
  • Orçamento médio: makes a book with photos since they started your relationship. It can be on paper or digital.
  • Orçamento baixo: makes a card that’s made itself. In a HOWTO we explain how to make an original name-day card.
Ideas for gifts for men on Dia dos Namorados - Offer something sentimental

Idea of Dia dos Namorados gifts for men: to promote sport

If you would like to offer your partner something to take care of their body as a Day of the Loved Ones gift for men, we recommend that you choose one of the following options:

  • High orçamento: offers a unique experience like getting out of a plane and into a weekend in the new winter sports.
  • Orçamento médio: offer a sports bag, sportswear or any other accessory you need for your sport, invite you to skate on the ice, to go to a special place or to go bowling.
  • Orçamento baixo: invite you to spend an afternoon at the academy to practice sports together, go running, play a game of tennis or go rollerblading.
Ideas of gifts for the Day of the Loved ones for men - Ideia de presentes de Dia dos Namorados para homem: surpreender com esporte

Ideas for Day of the Lovers present for men

Let us remember that behind the present there is always the intention, the real meaning and the time and love that were dedicated to reach this idea:

Day Two Scrapbook

It’s about um Day two Namorados craft gift for homem to save for life itself. When you dedicate yourself to making a scrapbook for him, besides telling the story of your life, you personalize it according to your love’s desires. Check out the tutorial in the article on like making a scrapbook for or naming.

Jarrinha do amor

The love vase is an idea that is in the article about cheap Natal gifts for love, but serve for any time of year. A glass of pepper with good seeds, things you can do when you want or beautiful words that symbolize the relationship between you is a handcrafted and extremely romantic present.

Caixa de lembranças

The box of seeds is one of the ideas behind the article on as an original gift for the Day of the Loved Ones. As much as you are named as a creator or as a name, everything you need is to gather your good taste to keep the best memories of you through objects and significant elements.

Photo Cube

The photo cube is an alternative to the traditional picture frame and what not everyone knows is that you can do it at home. We explain how the article about the 3 ways to make a photo cube.

Quadrinho embroidery

The embroidery sponsors are an idea that we pull from the article with ideas of gifts to name the distance and are perfect for those who want to put in practice a very simple sewing skills, but also flabby.

Lampada do amor

The Day of the Lovers is one of the tutorials of a 100% handmade, cheap and very legal to present. See the Tutorial on how to make a Dias dos Namorados lamp.

Ideias de presentes do Dia dos Namorados para homens - Ideas for Day of the Loved Ones gifts for men

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