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10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones

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The Day of the Loved Ones is the day of the year when many people resolve to bring out their romance and demonstrate their love for the loved one. One of the most beautiful ways to do this is through the cards that carry a message. For many, the present is only a detail and what really matters is the card and all the love that is shown. If you have the best of intentions with your own but lack good ideas, to inspire you to a HOWTO gathered 10 Ideas for cards for the Day of the Loved Ones.



Let’s start with the simplest ideas that only depend on your creativity and talent. The secret of the cardboard is to be made with a lot of love and well made. There is no rule, but a technique that never fails and always has a legal effect is to use clippings with different types of country colours.

The trick to give certainty is to choose the firmest base paper, cardboard or paper-cardboard always work and then make molds to not miss the time to cut. If the designs have many details, the ideal is to place the paper on a cutting-type surface and cut with a stiletto. Be careful not to cut.

After that, it’s just a matter of charging for the other colours and messaging. Below we have a cardboard inspiration for the Day of the Loved Ones.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 1

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If, for you, Dia dos Namorados card is synonymous with red and pink cards, you know that it is possible to be minimalist and jump with other tons of colors at the base. It’s nice to be in the same place!

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 2

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As um fio de lã and furies forming a chorus you manage to make a very easy card that has the effect of something made at home with a lot of love. The secret is to have a way to go on the paths of love. For the complete passage, read this article about how to make a card of Dia dos Namorados with a line.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 3

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It’s not a good card, but the effect is the same. Let’s consider that this box in paper format with a message on the bottom has the same value and effect of a card. In the channel of unCOMO in YouTube, you can watch a complete tutorial explaining how to make a paper box in the form of a story.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 4


It’s good to be creative and to escape from the heartbeat, but let’s combine that the heartbeat cards always work and never lose their appeal. The legal one is that there are different ways to make a hunting card. In this article from unCOMO, we show how to make 3 different types of cartons with different dimensions.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 5

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Use watercolour leave a unique effect on the card. You don’t need to be a professional to use your own taste and carry it on the cardboard layer of Dia dos Namorados using a brush, water and pencils or aquarelle ink.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 6

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O card with 3D effect is another classic that provides you with an infinite variety of ideas and styles. The secret is to use 2 dads and inside it is necessary to cut the strips where you will grow the design that will be 3D. That’s all you need to do is to send it to the drawing board and strain it. The effect is incredible.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 7

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One idea that is always presented in different ways and does not stop being creative is the Vale-Present” card. We are not talking about a voucher where your partner is present in a shop, but about coupons made by you, the same ones your love has the right to use and give to you when you want one of the things that were offered to you.

The presentation is entirely at your discretion. You can either blow up a card with outstanding coupons or make all of them and deliver them in a light envelope. Some suggestions of the vouchers that can be in the coupon are

  • Vale um beijo
  • Ok um cafuné
  • Vale uma massagem
  • A morning coffee in bed
  • It’s worth a romantic jingle…
10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 8

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A letter or cardboard bombom is always guaranteed success among the ideas of cards for the Dia dos Namorados. It is enough to prepare a cardboard and to use varied chocolates making a jump with the words. You can find some examples on the web, but the most legal is to be the most creative and original possible, with a touch of humor!

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 9

Imagem: artesdeliciaseamor.blogspot.com


It is not because you are not good with the manual arts that you cannot make a personalized Dia dos Namorados card. With the virtual options you can make a totally authentic card using graphic resources. You can do this through apps or image editing programs, the most famous of which is Photoshop (this article we teach how to use). The choice of paper and type of printing is another important factor in ensuring that the cardboard is impeccable.

10 ideas for the Day of the Loved Ones - Step 10

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