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30 brincadeiras of Festa Junina for all ages

30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages!

The Festas Juninas are known by the tradition of the rocky areas. The costumes that go from the streets to the suits and the usual jumps. When it comes to organizing a Festa Junina, it is just as important to think about the cardarium and the decoration as it is to promote the activities that will entertain the audience. To help you, a HOWTO gathered 30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina.

Brincadeiras juninas

To make official the more traditional jumping of the roots is another responsibility for a country as big and multicultural as Brazil. From North to South of the country there are individuals in the most popular traditions and brinadeiras in more than one month. Even so, all these jumps have a common goal: everyone has fun.

In the Northeast the Festas Juninas are known for a high incidence of forró, bayonet and xoteHowever, at the bottom of the map, you can’t miss a quadrilateral at any Festa Junina.

Although they will be types of dance, they can always be jumped by the dogs:

  • Quadrilha: A typical collective dance of the Festas Juninas to the sound of instrumental music typical of the interior. The quadrilhas can be ensaiadas or improvised on the hour, always happening with the narration of someone who is telling a story that happens during the dance. A house dressed in wood can guide all of them and lead typical formations such as the tunnel, for example.
  • Lined up: Salon dance style practiced the whole year but with greater emphasis on the Festas Juninas. The steps are mixed, dragging the foot, and are marked by the rhythm of the music that prevails marked by the zabumba and triangle sound. It does not require any previous organization, it is enough to prepare a good playlist or provide a group to play live music. It can be considered one of the brincadeiras juninas do Nordeste.

Hut brincadeiras for Festa Junina

The Festas Juninas are known for their arrangement in bars that separate the activities and the sale of food and drinks. The best known jumps that can be made in barbeques are:

  • Pescaria: The fishery is a success among the children and also one of the most typical hut jumps for Festa Junina. The way of doing it can vary a lot, it can be done with plastic fishes and a swimming pool, cardboard fishes spat in the area or the one that your creativity sends. The rule is to place a number corresponding to a garment on each fish. Players should use a rod to fish in a certain time and get the present they want.
  • I shoot ao alvo: the barraquinha de tiro ao alvo is also a classic Festas Juninas dinner. The shooting does not necessarily need to be with a gun, it is worth using balls to throw clothes to a certain distance or prepare an alarm with points that correspond to the prizes.
  • Argolas: One of the easiest to prepare and classic Barraquinhas of Festa Junina are the rings. You can prepare spits in the field with points where the players must hit with rings.

Festa Junina’s brincadeiras to repair dinheiro

Any jump from Festa Junina can be rewarded with money for that purpose. You just have to count and calculate how much it will cost to participate in each attraction so that there will be some profit at the end of the event. One method of logistics and financial organization that is very well known in the field is the sale of tokens. In this way, all the money is concentrated in a single place and those who work in the shacks do not lose time with money.

Even if it is possible to raise money with any attraction Junina, some jumps for Festa Junina to reload dinheiro known are:

  • Bingo: for many this is the most expected time of the night, when the numbered cards are sold, a narrator draws the balls and the lucky one who manages to mark all the numbers of the file or the first card gets the prize. The secret to win money by organizing a bingo is to calculate the price of the cards that will be sold, they must exceed the value spent on the clothes, even better when these clothes are donations. The more valuable the prize is, the more expensive the card can be. The more people who participate, the more money you can earn.
  • Mechanical touro: The mechanical activity is not exactly known for being a lucrative activity, but what can define this jump in the Festas Juninas is absolute success. You can be sure that where you have a mechanical tour there will be lines and people wanting to pay for it.
  • Raffle: Even though it is not exactly a June festival, if the raffle is organized in a way that the draw is on the day of the Festa Junina, it can be seen as one of the jumps for the festival to raise money. In this case, it is sold to the raffle weeks before the draw and the winner is announced during the quermesse.

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30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages! - Brincadeiras juninas

Brincadeiras of Festa Junina for children

Quase toda escola organizes Festas Juninas para as crianças. This type of organization requires attention to detail to avoid accidents and frustration. In addition to the classic quadrilateral, mentioned above, the jumps that work very well in Festa Junina for children’s education are:

  • Boca do palhaço: the children must hit the balls inside the mouth of a paper pallet that makes the distance between them not so long and so short.
  • Pescaria: With newer creations, the ideal is to replace the aramid hook that would go on the rod end of the original fish tank with magnets or velcro.
  • Get the latinhas right: An easier and simpler version of the target shot is to hit piled up latins. The more latins the child has, the more points he has.
  • Corrida do milho: to avoid holding on to the egg run or to the bag run, bet on the milho run. The objective is to reach the finish line or a partner on the other side without destroying all the milho of the collector.
  • Artificial pula fogueira: no fire. Prepare an artificial fire with colored cellophane paper and challenge the children to pull it off without putting it in the fake fire.
  • Trampoline, bowling pool, slide and other diversity park jumps are more than welcome at any child-related event. Everything will depend on your choice for the event.

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Young people’s brincadeiras

There are no age restrictions when it comes to having fun at the Festas Juninas, but some jumps, besides the mechanical tour, are more popular among young people. Check out this selection of jumping jacks for young people:

  • Sack race: use cloth or fabric bags and the participants are afraid that they will have to polish inside them until they reach the finish line. Win whoever gets there first.
  • Corporal of war: This is a classic that has made a success of the youngsters’ jumps. Its execution consists of the division of two groups, one on each side of the rope. Then, the group that manages to push the rope stronger and break the other group is the winner. You can be inspired by other jumps of this type with the article about 25 jumping jacks for young people.
  • He ran in style: the service of delivery of phosphorus tickets is not necessarily exclusive for messages for cruises, but it ends up succeeding among the young people in the old fashioned way of not using the social networks.
  • Cadeia: Tradition in many Festas Juninas, consists of a false chain of command where the prisoners (at the request of someone) must pay a pledge (a monkey, a music, or even small amounts of money).
  • Donkey’s tail: dumb bem, After turning with the blindfolded eyes, the gambler must get the tail right in the image of the donkey in the shortest time possible.
  • Corrida com ovo (ovo na colher): the difference between this and the corrida do milho is to balance the egg that makes everything more exciting. If you want to avoid the bagunça, but want to “scare” the participants, cook the eggs (so that they don’t break), but don’t count for anyone.
  • Dança da laranja: Pack a dance to the rhythm of forró or another style of dance where the challenge is that the partners secure an orange (or a bolinha) with the head without using their hands and do not stop falling.
  • Dança da vassoura: to bring a vintage touch to the jumps for young people’s party, it’s worth jumping out of the vase. With any rhythm together good to dance the two, they form pairs to dance and a person dance with the vastness and delivery to other people who dance with those who want to dance. The grace is precisely the fact that no one wants to dance with the vastness.
  • Pau-de-sebo: For physical reasons, young people feel challenged to try to reach the mole of a fattened poor with a mole award.
  • Casamento caipira: among the jumping jacks for young people who do not have fun celebrating a cappuccino wedding, that of reviravoltas and ‘fisherman’s stories’ in the middle
30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages! - Young people's brincadeiras

Different Festa Junina brincadeiras

It is true that the high point of the Festas Juninas are precisely the traditional jumps and chutes. But every year we realize that it is impossible not to incorporate tendencies. As it happens with the food, the jumps can also have a little bit of what is not always considered tradition, so we selected these different jumps for Festa Junina:

  • Cake in the face: Even though it is not a typical Festa Junina jump, jumping up and down in the face is very popular among young people and is one of the different ideas of Festa Junina’s brincadeiras. If you don’t know where to start, we suggest the 150 cake questions for children and adults;
  • Dança da cadeira: The tension of knowing that when the music stops you can do it without a chain reaction and be thrown out of the jump always infects all the participants and makes for fun moments;
  • Paper and pencil games: if you need to improvise at the last minute, you can always go to the best pencil and paper games for children and adults;
  • Dance the ball: in pairs, each person must have a bead tied to the pulse and another to the scale. During the dance, each person should try to stop the ball from going out. The person who reaches the end without stouring the beast is the winner of the jump;
  • Passa chapéu: It is similar to the ‘sweet potato quente’, but instead of passing a sweet potato from hand to hand, it passes a chapéu of head to head as the music rolls. When the music stops, the person who has the headpiece leaves the room;
  • Drinking jogs: if you do this alcoholic jumps at your Festa Junina (for adults) give an article about the best drinks.
30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages! - Different Festa Junina brincadeiras

Brincadeiras de Festa Junina na empresa

All the jumps mentioned until here can be considered as jumps for Festa Junina in the company as long as they are made with a good feeling. If the festival is open to the family, it is essential to think about activities for children. In this case, take advantage of the ideas in the paragraph about activities for children at Festa Junina.

In the Festa Junina of the company, depending on the degree of entry of the employees can be up to three quadrilateral, if all are in agreement. Consider that this is a great opportunity to working on the team’s relationships as more interactive jumps (practically all of them). The bingo, with some more valuable items, can also be an excellent incentive to appear and participate and even serve as a kind of bonus.

Not in the case of a business party, it is very important to think of us as eating and drinking as great attractions. Bet on us typical dishes.

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30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages! - Festa Junina's jumping jacks in the company

Extra: Festa Junina plates

The plates in Festa de São João are not exactly a jump, but in time Instagram is a trend that costs to make it happen. The idea is very simple, to print plates with phrases about Festa de São João and captions and leave them at the disposal of the guests so that they can take pictures with the plates. If you don’t know where to start, in this article with the Festa Junina stapled sentences You can give the step by step and still be inspired by phrases for the plates.

Along with the dishes, it is worth thinking about not having dinner for a photo, as a Decoration for Festa Junina And why not leave a palha chapéus, a cowboy chapéus, and other elements together at the disposal of those people who want to give an extra touch to the photo?

30 ideas of jumping jacks for Festa Junina - for all ages! - Extra: Festa Junina plates

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