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How to sit people at the table

How to sit people at the table - dicas essenciais!

Having guests at home for a special lunch or dinner is always a fun and enjoyable task. A good host knows how to receive with elegance – besides the choice of dishes, soups, glasses and the menu, the mission also involves knowing how to prepare the guests at the table in a harmonious way in order to generate the best possible integration. More than a rule of etiquette, it tries to be pleasant and kind to those who invite to our house, in order to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Discover in a HOWTO how to sit the people at the table and guarantees the success of your next meeting!

Who sits at the head of the table?

We all know that in the end he’ll be the oneugar de honra da mesaThe main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the situation of the people who are present at the reception. As a matter of fact, who sits at the head of the table is the hostThat is, the gift of the house where the meal or the singing is taking place. In the case of a host house, each one sits in a headboard, well in front of the other.

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House etiquette when sitting at the table: sitting in front or on the side?

Some etiquette rules vary from one country to another and can lead to awkward situations. In Brazil, it is common to see in restaurants you’re sitting next to each other to the table – which has a lot of repercussions among foreigners, who are not used to this kind of behaviour.

No entanto, no que diziz respeito a etiqueta de casal ao sentar a mesa, o correto é que o casal se sienta um na frente do outro. In this way, when people are seated at the table, mark the places in the house so that one person sits at the other. This position produces greater fluidity in the flow of conversation, which is highly beneficial for any reception.

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How to sit people at the table - dicas essenciais! - Case study etiquette for table sitting: sitting in front or on the side?

Sitting at a table with a family

Sitting at a table with a family to share a reference is a habit present in all human communities. This strengthens family ties and helps to promote dialogue between family members, reducing stress and minimizing tension.

When sitting at the table with the family, the hosts must sit at the head of the table and the older people at the table must sit at the head of the table. honorable places (on the side of the host). Follow this order and arrange the houses so that you feel one day ahead of the other. Small children should also sit at the table with the family, even if they make a mess or don’t even know how to handle it. This is important for creating bonds between the child and the other members of the family.

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Placement cards: placeholder to table

In the formal receptions, the use of the placement cardsThe name of each guest is indicated on the card, along with the place where they should sit. This table marker is very useful, as it allows the host to have the guests ready in advance.

This arrangement allows the host to organize the guests in order to allow a good communication flow – a good option is to place people with common interests and affinities next umas às outras. In this way, your reception will not only be marked by the taste of the food or by the elegance of the table, but also by the harmony and the good conversations that took place there.

A boa ideia for placement cards (or table marker) is to print small cards on cardboard paper and write the name of the guests on it in beautiful calligraphy. It is possible to attach them to small flower bouquets, for example, to give a romantic and sophisticated touch.

How to sit people at the table - dicas essenciais! - Placement cards: placeholder to table

Table placeholder: marriage

Cases are unique and very special occasions. One of the great concerns of the noivos is about disposition of the guests by the hall – A good option for weddings is to use placeholders at the table, so that your guests can take advantage of the party and talk to each other.

When setting up the tables, try to place the members of the grapevine family at one table and the members of the grapevine family at another. Colleagues should have a table for themselves, and friends of the house can make mixtures. The house and the godparents should sit at the same table, preferably located in the center of the room. Use a placeholder on the table to indicate the place of each guest.

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