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How to make Festa Junina in the box to sell

How to make Festa Junina in the box to sell

Image: Reproduction/Twitter

The Festa Junina in the box, or arraia in the box, is a trend that arises in June 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and the prevention of frequenting the parties during the month of São João. Inspired by the anniversary celebrations in the city, which have already taken place before, this is a way of not letting the best days of the year pass by in white, besides being a possibility of extra income. If you are interested in preparing your own Festa Junina in the box, in this post of unCOMO we explain how to make Festa Junina in the boxWhether it is to sell, present or simply to enjoy. Let’s go to the one that is rooted in the box and will start!

Festa Junina in 2020

As explained, the root in the box, also called Festa Junina kitThis is an expensive solution for the parties in São João, both for sale and for presentation. The idea follows the same logic as the anniversary baskets or manana coffee baskets, already known as present in other times of the year. The important thing is to be faithful to the theme and to please the audience, for that, it is important to have in mind some points before mounting the box:

Individual or group Festa Junina kit?

Before stipulating the ingredients and materials, stipulate whether this box will be individual or collective. It is easier this way calculate the size of the portions and ingredients necessary. Knowing the amount of people, it is enough to provide the items from the box.

Delivery of the arraia in the box

In times of pandemic, it is critical to plan ahead for the method of delivery. You can do this through specialized services that can even be hired by applications, but there is no need to consider this at the time of assembly of the box, so that all items are in perfect conditions.

Let’s go to itens:

Caixa for Festa Junina en caixa

There is no rule for the Festa Junina’s box in the boxThis is a question of the size of the order, the size of the portion and the materials available, as well as the method of delivery. The important thing is to be faithful to the theme so that the Festa Junina kit really has the face of Arraia in the box.

Arraiá na caixa

Within the conditions of hygiene, any type of box can be used as packaging for Festa Junina na caixa. What will really give the desired effect is the finishing and the details. It can be made of paper, wood, plastic or as you prefer. The important thing is to be able to arrange the items in a harmonic way and decorate it with the same whim of a june party outside the box. Bet on all those prints and colours that call you “festa junina”, besides the typical decorations such as trays, stars, flowers and everything that makes you plant this season.

In the post about how to decorate a paper box, we teach some techniques to achieve the ideas.

How to make Festa Junina in the box to sell - Caixa para Festa Junina na caixa

Image: Reprodução/@amarokii/Twitter

Festa Junina baskets

Although they are not a box, the wine baskets are a practically infallible option and they end up combining with the theme in their most rustic style. If you have access to them, you can use them without any problem and decorate them with flowers, forrá-las com retalhosand trays and mini-balls. You can find them in different sizes in the product sheets for parties.

Image: Reprodução/Twitter/@frutillaan/@edulucats

EVA basket

Whether you are used to working with EVA or not, this is a simple and creative idea for assembling a kit together in an EVA basket. In this case, bet on colours that allude to the Festas de São João. How about red, yellow and blue? You can watch the video below.

Kit Festa Junina no chapéu

And if instead of handing over the shares in a box at Festa Junina, we place them inside a pallet box? This is open to the ideas of the guy. Accessories of this type can also be found in the article pages for parties and give an extra charm. For the finishing touches, try lining the plate with fabric and packing it with cellophane paper.

Festa Junina meals for caixa

The meals that you see inside the Festa Junina’s box are 100% the criterion of who mounts it, since these typical places cost to vary according to the region. Regardless of the cardapic of the arraia in the boxI always thought about combining twelve dishes with salted dishes to guarantee the main dish and the table. If you don’t have time to prepare all the home items, you can bet on some ready-made places and combine them with the home items.

We have a post with a list ready with 155 Festa Junina meal ideas. We selected some practical suggestions for the root in the ground:

Festa Junina meals out

How to make Festa Junina in a box to sell - Festa Junina meals for box

Image: Reprodução/Twitter/@mmunizale

Festa Junina Bowling

In the cardboard box of Festa Junina, bowling is a simple and always delicious option. Some of the ideas that promise success in the Festa Junina kit are:

  • Milho bolus
  • Fuba bolus
  • Cenoura bolus
  • Churro cake
  • Cassava bolus
  • Chocolate bolus
  • Orange pebble
  • Tapioca bolus
  • Rosquinhas de São João

Festa Junina breeding bowling

Another option, for a touch of authenticity in the meals of Festa Junina in the box, is to think about delivering the skittles in deconstructed formats such as potato pebbles, potato skittles, stick pebbles or the idea that comes up!

Image: Reprodução/Twitter/@odiapedefesta

Docs of Festa Junina

Em tempo, não se esqueça dos doces além dos bolos. Ideas that fit in the box or basket of Festa Junina are:

  • Amendoim twelve;
  • Curau;
  • Churros;
  • Paçoca;
  • Pé-de-moleque;
  • Coked:
  • Swap;
  • Twelve de leite;
  • Maçã do amor;
  • Pamonha twelve;
  • Queijadinha.

Accessories for Festa Junina na caixa

The root in the box can have that final touch with a typical ‘mime’ type accessory. It can be useful or simply complement the decoration. There are some easy ideas to implement:

Image: Reprodução/Twitter/@k_arlalopes/@a_casafazer

And there, what will be the cardboard of your Festa Junina box? Tell us, we’ll love to know!

How to make Festa Junina in a box to sell - Accessories for Festa Junina in a box

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