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How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados

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He’s trying to find out how to interpret no dia dos namorados? Be calm that in umHow are we going to give some tips! Whether it’s a long-standing relationship or not, it’s always good to show our partner how much he or she is loved. This is something that should be done frequently and not only in one day. But, as there is the DAY TWO NAMORADOS There is nothing better than having some original ideas to surprise the people we like the most on this special day. If there is a lack of ideas, in a How we are going to help you with some tips.



First of all, you should know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to surprise your beloved. One original gift you can give is the 5 senses. This gift consists of preparing 5 boxes of gifts with something related to the 5 senses, vision, smell, hearing and taste. In the box of the vision can place, for example, a portrait holder of the two of you, in the tato you can put a bandage that you will then place on your name to make a relaxing massage, in smell you can put your perfume or cologne on audição you can place a pen with a compilation of voice music and in the palate can place something that your partner likes. Use your imagination and you will see that you will succeed in surpassing yourself with this super original present.

How to surrender no dia dos namorados - Step 1

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Photographs, besides art, are a way to remember the moments we lived. That’s why, if you already live together, you can surprise your beloved with a photo frame in the living room, bedroom or any other part of the house. Collect several photos of moments that happened together and compile them in a frame or picture frame as you prefer, you can even place the photos in chronological order from the date they were known. In this article, Como damos-lhe uma ajudinha para criar o quadro de foto.

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A very special present that you can make is a scrapbook. A scrapbook is nothing more nor less than what you paste in a photo album or a chain, and it contains your own photos and charming, stapled phrases, as if it were a diary of your relationship. It will be a moment in which the two of you will be able to remember moments that may have already been forgotten and to have many conversations together.

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 3

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One way to surprise your name is by placing hidden agenda on several sites that he knows his partner will go. It can be a love letter or just a bilingual letter with little love phrases. Put it in your backpack, in your water closet, in your day’s work, in the car’s windshield, in the back, in the toothbrush, in some mobile of the toilet that you know he will use, use your imagination!

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 4

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Something you can prepare to surprise your beloved on the day of the beloved is a headset with message or photo. Prepare a photo of yourself and add a loving message, then just have the head-breaker made with that image. This one is very original and your partner will certainly like it!

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 5

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Prepare um romantic celebration It may be something too common, but it is always good for a house to prepare a romantic moment, because with the hectic life we end up forgetting what good and important moments these are. Decorate the house for that special night and prepare a special song with your favorite dish.

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 6

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Instead of a romantic song, you can also prepare a café da manhã romantic. Prepare a morning coffee with all the ingredients you know you want to eat, more than ever you can eat with the morning run. According to a little more I give in or, if you still do not dwell together, you can appear of surprise with the coffee of tomorrow soon.

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 7

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Another way to surprise your beloved on the day of the beloved is to prepare a box with them.100 reasons to love you“or the “365 reasons to love you”, choose the number you prefer or have more meaning for the two. Use your imagination and also a bit of humour.

How to surrender no dia dos namorados - Step 8

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Can you sing or play an instrument? Then you can use this skill to surprise your beloved with a serenade. You don’t have to do this in public, you can do it in the intimacy of the house.

How to surreptitious no dia dos namorados - Step 9

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If you never sleep together, that’s because there’s a good reason for it, then a good way to surprise the loved ones on the day would be to appear in a surprise in the work of your name and take it to a bacano restaurant, with a nice view. On the restaurant’s side, and if time allows, you can prepare a piquenique num calm and relaxing site.

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How to surrender no dia dos namorados - Step 10

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