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How to organize a festa junina

How to organize a festa junina

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In Brazil, the month of June is marked by fogueiras, colorful trays, dances and typical food of each region. São as chamadas June festivities or festas dos santos popularesThis is a holiday that was designed for Brazil by the Portuguese, as a tribute to São João. In June, we commemorated the anniversaries of three very popular saints, Santo António (13th), São João (24th) and São Pedro (29th). The people love to organize joint celebrations, either at work, at school or for the anniversary. The important thing is that this date of the year does not pass unnoticed and the family and friends get together to celebrate. If you are thinking about having a party, don’t miss this article from Como.com.br where we give you tips on how to organize a festa junina Fantastic.



Guests and Entertainment. Start by making a list of guests for your june party. Define if you want to make a lunch, a dinner or an afternoon snack. Make a creative invitation, which contains the date of the event, the time, the place and if possible the map of the place. Also ask for confirmation of presence. You can make the invitation on paper or send it by e-mail, which is much easier and cheaper.

How to organize a festa junina - Step 1

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Decoration. The decoration of this meeting has to be appropriate for the occasion. The essential elements of a junket are colorful trays, towels of wood, balloons, pallet sheets stretched by the house, shaving the table with scraps of wood and, of course, a blank can not be missing. To know more about the decoration of a party, consult our article.

How to organize a festa junina - Step 2

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Suits. Something that cannot be missing in a June party is a typical costume of these parties. The women must wear a printed dress, make hair transplants and put on some make-up. The men must wear a mended shoe, a shirt to the mother, and a jacket of palha. Remember to indicate in the invitation that everyone should change their character, it will be much more fun.

How to organize a festa junina - Step 3

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Food. It’s the most glamorous part of the festa junina. You can make a varied cardboard and ask your guests to carry some typical dishes, so everyone will collaborate for the party and it will be a more varied cardboard. Some of the twelve dishes that cannot be missed at a June festival are: red meat, molehill tea, rice twelve, pipoca twelve, millet curry, cocada and bean curl. As for the salted meadows, there is no shortage of puppy, green broth, couscous, steak spit, green millet and pineapple. For the drinks, certify that you have warmth and warm wine.

How to organize a festa junina - Step 4

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Brincadeiras. Organize a space of your party dedicated to the typical brinadeiras of this festivity. Some of the typical brincadeiras are the quadrilha, the elegant corridor, the simpatias, derruga latas, jogo de argolas and pescaria. You can also organize other games that are not typical of these festivals but you and your guests like, like videogames.

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Music. This is a party that is obligatory to have music, to cheer up all the guests. Make a list of music with traditional music of quadrilha, sertanejo and forró. Dance a lot and have fun!

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