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How to make a party ball EASY

How to make a party ball

As June festivities are almost there and it’s time to start organizing the preparations for the party. And since a party is not only about food, the decoration is also an indispensable element to set the mood of your party. The trays, the palm leaf plates, elements of wood and colorful leaves are some of the things that cannot be missing in the party. decoration of the june festival. In addition, other decorative elements that are also used a lot in June are the colorful paper balls. And so that nothing is missing from your party, in this article we explain how to make Festa Junina’s ball step by step.

How to make a party ball

As you can see, there are no rules at the time of choose the paper to make the ball of festa junina. You can use the one you have at home, of a colour of your preference, or think about combining it with the decoration of the June festival. If the idea is to make a big ball of festa junina, just use more paper.

To make the ball for the June festival, you should start by cutting your sheet of tissue paper into square shape. Depending on the size you want to make your ball, the paper square will be larger or smaller.

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After your paper square, you will have to make some dobrasas they are doing in origami. Then you will start by folding the paper from one song to the other, until it forms a triangle. Open the paper and do the same on the other side. At this point, you should have an X mark on your paper. Now turn the paper over and then sideways, so that you make a cross mark on your tissue paper which will become your ball for the feast.

Imagem: surpresaromantica.wordpress.com

Next, double or quadruple ao meio. Now you must make a triangle using the doubles that fez didn’t go through. To do this, simply fold each side inwards, as shown in the image of the pass to the pass of how to make a ball of festa junina.

Image: carinhosoroupas.com.br

Once you have a triangle formed, you must turn the corner (the two points on each side) from the triangle inwards to the centre of the same, in such a way as to form a slab of the ball of festa junina.

Image: pinterest.com

Now you are going to turn inwards to the four lower points of the lake, so that form a triangle again. In order for your ball to be perfect, it is important that you take one step at a time.

Image: pinterest.com

In the pass of the ball of festa junina, I hit one of the points and double fora do triângulo a diagonal. Then over that point again into the middle of the triangle. Do the same with the other side and then with the two on the opposite side. If necessary, you can place it double-faced in the middle so as not to run the risk of leaving the place.

Image: pinterest.com

Now it’s just a matter of sticking your teeth in and making furinho no mole of the ball of festa junina, to pass the barbante and pendurar in its festa. Blow the ball into the mole so that it inflates.

And now you already have your balão de festa junina soon! To complement your june decoration, you can also check out our article on how to make june party trays, so that nothing is missing from your june party.

Image: adm.ecod.org.br

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