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How to reveal a secret friend in a stapled way

How to reveal a secret friend in a stapled way

The jumping of the “secret friend”, also called “hidden friend” is a tradition among many families, groups of friends and companies, mainly on the eve of the birth and close to other commemorative dates of the year as during the Easter, date in which it is common to make the chocolate friend. It is so well known that every year there are creative and fun variations of how to reveal the secret friend in a stapled waygiving one more thank you at the time of disclosure. In this article we give tips to impress our colleagues when it is time to finish with the mystery, start laughing from the whole group and give the present in the most humorous way possible.

How to reveal a secret friend in a fun way

Whoever has already jumped as an occult friend knows that the most legal part of the game is precisely the moment of revelation, which involves mystery, ‘declarations’ and much good humour. So that the moment of revelation really is a success, it is essential to respect some Basic rules:

Don’t spoil the fun.

The “secret friend” is precisely the involved, many people end up counting for other people who participated in the game who are their victims before the hour is up. This can happen because of the desire to make their friends know who was thrown, because of doubts about choosing the person who was thrown, or even because the person cannot wait to know who was thrown.

Very calm in this hour! In the best way to reveal a secret friend is always keeping the secret and counting only on the hour and, if you are anxious, remember that the moment will come and that it will be much more fun if you have a general surprise.

If you want to count for someone or ask for a present, count first for someone who has not participated in the game, so you will not be able to take away the mystery of the jump for another person.

Maintain or Mystery

Even though the time of revelation is near, maintaining the mystery until it arrives is essential and will make it much more fun for others to try to guess who shot at you. When you see your secret friend at the party, you will be there normally and you will be able to relax.

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How to reveal secret friend in a stapled way - How to reveal secret friend in a fun way

How to reveal the secret stapled friend

To know or what to miss not secret friend It’s good to plan ahead and think of all the possibilities. In addition to becoming more legal, invest a time thinking in the best secret friend phrases can distract you and diminish the anxiety of counting for everyone. See some tips to elaborate your speech:

  • For reveal secret stapled friendonce again in front of everyone to reveal or hidden friendand time to be creative. When you start to play, avoid just giving a glimpse of the person you have drawn, vary the glimpse for other people, or choose a fixed point, this makes it more difficult for other participants to guess before the moment you will be playing.
  • The revelation in a graceful way can happen in a way that the person is not able to see, despite the fact that the characteristics of the person are very marked and unique, or characteristics that are totally opposite, making a good imitation of the voice, tricks and expressions of his secret friend or telling a graceful history that has already happened to that person. It’s according to the intimacy and friendship between you. If a person with whom you are intimate is also valid to cite some of the awkward moments that happened together.
  • When we find out who your friend is, it’s still possible to date him with a gold key delivering a fake presentFor example, used objects, a cake that you know your friend does not like or presents that no one would like to earn. After your friend laughs and everyone laughs, you give him the present truth and that embrace.

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10 jumps to reveal or secret friend

To know or what to say about the time to reveal or secret friend If you’re still participating, use some of the above. techniques to reveal or secretly friend in a creative way:

1. Begins breaking or icing

If you already want your first sentences to get a laugh from everyone who is participating in the secret friend, you can start by breaking the ice with some jumps of the kind:

  • Suggest that you take a shot at each wrong palette or that your secret friend pays for a drink at each certain palette;
  • Say that with each wrong stroke on your secret friend you will throw away a piece of clothing;
  • Start by counting a piada (Suggestion: As melhores piadas do mundo);

It is worth mentioning that this suggestion is only valid in a secret intimate friend with friends and that it should be avoided in case of jumping from the company where you work.

2. Characteristics ao contrário

Generally, when it comes to revealing the secret friend, we don’t believe the person we draw for their physical and personality qualities, however, there are other options fun secret friend phrases which is precisely the opposite logic. Instead of believing in his hidden friend as he really is, it is characteristics of the person to the contrary. For example, if you are a person who loves to eat chocolate, you can say that this person would like to eat chocolate.

If you opt for the reverse description, try to choose characteristics that everyone knows about the person in question.

3. Ative or your artistic side

You want something more special and engaging than you do with a play for your hidden friend:

  • Prepare a rhyming poem to reveal your secret friend;
  • Invent a music with everything you want to play on it using secret friend phrases;
  • He made a live drawing of his secret friend.

You don’t need to have great talent to choose this option, but doing something that is not very elaborate can leave the jumper even more graceful.

4. ‘O diabo mora nos detalhes

For to reveal the secret friend in a stapled wayI quote what you have observed about this person who thinks that he does not know: gestures that he makes when he is nervous, for example, words that he uses and other small details that he says he does not know.

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5. Wake up the mime in your voice

Instead of phalar, he makes a mime presentation to reveal his secret friend. You can imitate gestures that it is difficult for a person to make, moods that it is difficult to have or create things that will make other participants automatically relate to the person being drawn.

6. Remembering is living

It tells a story that is very much ingrained and, until then, secret that you passed together without revealing the name of the person. In this case, the person knows that you are missing from the group, but the rest of the group does not.

So you ask, but how would people know who this is if they don’t know the history? Well, the person in question will start laughing and telling what happened, and the logo will be denounced, leaving no doubt as to who it is.

7. Comparison Chart

Use stapled comparisons, such as: ‘se essa pessoa fosse um …. ela seria um… porque…

8. Different ways of skimming

The possibilities of description at the time of reveal the hidden friend in a stapled form we only depend on your creativity. You can:

  • It creates the social nets of this person, as it behaves virtually;
  • Discreverse without using adjectives;
  • Discreet only as onomatopoeia.

9. O truque do presente falso

As mentioned above, it always yields boas laughter think of a false present to deliver before the real one. The grace lies precisely in thinking of the reference that will make your hidden friend laugh a lot and the other participants as well. The good sense to not build any continuous above all.

You can choose a more general false present, the kind that a person would never want to earn, or something that your friend would never want to receive. Try to pay attention to the things that this person has the most trouble claiming as for example a famous band that he hears and gives a CD of the band in question. The more specific you are for the present, the more fun you will have.

10. Packaging of the company

Another idea similar to the false present is the a packaging trick that has nothing to do with the present. Embrace a small present with several boxes, for example, use a last generation cell phone box or a super large box for a small object.

If you have skills with craftsmanship, it is possible to make a package with a very specific format that has nothing to do with the present that has been made.

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Stapled phrases to reveal secret friend

As hidden friend phrases is the initial secret to leave the funnier jump. In addition to thinking of phrases to reveal the secret friend, it is also possible to make chants related to the jumper. It always gives to distract the environment with some stapled phrases about secret friend which always succeeds, it is enough to use creativity and sympathy.

Veja abaixo secret friend phrases:

  • We’re going to jump in as a secret friend? Deposit money in my account and don’t tell me you did it.
  • We’re going to jump from hidden friend? You don’t appear in my life anymore.
  • My present for you is a belt. I’m not sure if I can buy anything else.
  • My secret friend has two eyes, a mouth, a nose and two ears.
  • My secret friend is not going to win present today because I am short of money.
  • Since the friend was a secret, I didn’t want to know who he was and I didn’t want to spoil the fun.
  • My secret friend is going to pay for the next round of drinks for everyone.
  • My secret friend falou who is afim de alguém nessa festa.
  • My secret friend cannot be revealed because it is secret and thus the jumper loses the grace.

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Secret Friend Gift Ideas

Okay, now you know how to reveal or secretly friend in a creative wayBut you still don’t have an idea for a gift for your secret friend? A HOWTO separated some suggestions:

Value of the present of the secret friend

As a rule, the draw of the secret friend is done with some background in relation to the day of the exchange of gifts, for that reason it is relaxed and light the time. Generally it stipulates a maximum value for you presentIn other words, each person will not be able to spend more than R$ 30, for example. It is important to respect this value, otherwise it can be misunderstood and the present can feel bad in relation to others.

Observe your hidden friend before choosing or present

As a family, buying a gift can become easier, because you know people better. Already at work, you may have as a secret friend someone you know very little about. If that is the case, try to discover what your interests and hobbies are, but avoid asking other people, because you run the risk of being discovered. Be more attentive to that person and research in the social nets, you will see how easy it is to end up discovering something about him.

Presents that should be avoided

O vale-present It should be avoided because it may seem that you have not shot one minute of your time thinking about the person and what could be a good present. If you don’t know what to give to the person you shot, it’s so that all the participants fill out a list with things they would like to win while respecting the stipulated value, so everyone will be happy with something they will really like and that will be useful.

As intimate clothes, as well as other types of roupa, They are also present that should be avoided, since they are something very personal and you can end up mistaking both the taste and the size. Therefore, unless you really know this person, you should not choose to be present, unless you are a secret thematic friend.

You perfumes e cosmetics They are also quite personal items and, for that reason, should be avoided as presents for the secret friend. Apart from being unpleasant, they can also cause allergies. Unless you know that the person who uses a certain perfume or cream and knows that it is finishing, it can offer without running the risk of error.

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Breeding presents for secret friend

Some suggestions of improvements breeding presents for secret friend são:

  • It’s worth a massage or a day trip;
  • Good experience, like paragliding or canoeing for example;
  • A basket with native ingredients..;
  • An agenda for the new year;
  • A stapled caneca:
  • An invitation to a show or theatre that would appeal to people;
  • A morning coffee in an incredible place;
  • A wine cellar, case by case, is a wine appreciator;
  • A book, more certifies to offer one that knows that it is of the gender or author that the person who wants;
  • Chinelos gives Havaiana brand;
  • Portrait holder with a picture of you. This present will only be valid if you already have a great connection with the person;
  • Um chaveiro;
  • Funny chest;
  • Steak kit;
  • Wine kit;
  • Boné;
  • Assinatura de uma revista do seu interesse;
  • Cachecol, boné or other item of your secret friend’s favourite football time;
  • Stapled T-shirt;
  • Gravata fun;
  • Canivete suíço.;
  • Technological devices, such as extra batteries, tailstocks, cell phone chargers, among others;
  • Organizers of jewellery or make-up;
  • Necessaire;
  • Colourful enamel kits;
  • Um lenço ou chapéu bonito;
  • Machiagem, que mulher não gosta! But be careful, make sure you know which brand you are using and which colours you like best. The best way to avoid mistakes is to bet in neutral tones, they are always useful;
  • Book of recipes, case ela goste de cozinhar;
  • Aromatizers of environment;
  • Cover olhos;
  • Flake holder;
  • Banho kit;
  • Decorative candles;
  • Bijutterias.

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Message for Secret Friend

Brincadeiras à parte, é sempre bom colocar no presente comprovido message for hidden friend that will show how much you like the person drawn and wishing a good Natal if that is the reason for the commemoration.

Veja abaixo secret friend phrases and secret friend who will leave the presenter even happier to be presented by you:

  • O melhor dos presentes é a nossa amizade.
  • Com muito amor.
  • I hope you will be as happy to receive your present as I was to present you.
  • I wish you all the peace and joy that life can offer.
  • That this present is a symbol of the love and admiration that I have for you.
  • Or love dwells in subtleties.
  • I just don’t give you the things you deserve because you deserve everything in the world.

After the message, do not forget to write your ticket or card.

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  • Not the one who loses his friend but not the one who loses his heart. Good sense is essential for the jumping to be fun for everyone and not to build any.
  • Think well before exporting your friend’s intimate or clinging situations. Reflect if this can not envergonhá-lo other or put it in problems with other people who are present.
  • Place-it’s always in the place of another person.

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