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Like fazer bolas de Natal com barbante

Like fazer bolas de Natal com barbante

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As native balls are very nice shavings that we can use to decorate the tree of Natal as well as to make original centerpieces, or to place in other places of our house. If this year you want to bet on a home decoration innovative and creative, the following article from umComo.com.br brings you a very simple and surprising manual work. Continue going and discover like fazer bolas de Natal com barbantestep by step.



To make these origins Natal balls barbarian com You will need to specify two following matters:

  • Bexigas;
  • Barbante;
  • Linha da cor to unwind;
  • Vaseline;
  • White tail;
  • Brush;
  • Tesoura.


The first step to make a ball of natal with barbante is encher a bexiga with the size you want the ball to be in the end. As long as you must use a bexiga for each birthing ball, because in the end you will stoure the bexiga and will not be able to use it to make more birthing balls.


Next, ask for a barbante, this is the easiest way for you to work on your native ball. Pass a little bit of Vaseline all over the bexiga so as not to grudge the barbante.

How to make balls of Natal com barbante - Step 3

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Now, in a small container, dilutes to white glue in a little bit of water and mexa to obtain a homogeneous mix. Pass the barbante through this mixture, so as to make it well grinded.


Start Enrolling or barbell grinded with a tail on the ball carefully, to form the ball of natal. You can roll the barbante in different directions and form different designs. In addition, you can place more or less goatee before you want the final result.

How to make balls of Natal com barbante - Step 5

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After preencher a bola com barbante, passe uma boa white-tailed litter on the barbell for the lines they make good castings one to the other and for his ball of natal to make firm.

Let it dry out well, stop the bexiga and throw the pieces through the barbante.

How to make balls of Natal com barbante - Step 6

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Now it’s just a matter of sticking it on a decorative piece of land or a line and passing through the bark to hang it on the tree of birth. If you want to use this ball of natal with barbante to make a centerpiece, for example, you do not need to do this step.

If you want to, you can also painting his native ball with barbante with ink spray and get Natal bem originais shaving! When it comes to painting the barbell balls, you can do this even with the right one inside or not.

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How to make balls of Natal com barbante - Step 7

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With these beautiful balls of natal with barbante you will be able decorate the pisca pisca lights of natal. To do this, you just have to make little balls of barbante and then hang them on each of the birth lights.

If you prefer to see how to make these balls through a video, you can also do it with the help of the video than with the help of the video.

How to make balls of Natal com barbante - Step 8

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