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Different secret friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEAS to jump

Different secret friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEAS to jump

Secret Friend is the kind of jump that everyone loves and waits anxiously for the opportunity to participate. They are always moments of great joy and good laughter, especially at the moment of revelation. In this article you will find all about how to make a different secret friend with 30 genius ideas to jump of: types of secret friend, how to make a secret friend, how to reveal the secret friend, different dynamics of secret friend and site tips that you can make the online sweepstakes.

Types of secret friends

Secret Friend is the type of jumper that combines with any moment, be it in Pascoa, Natal, Carnival… There are several different ways of jumping as a secret friendand they can be dynamized in a thousand ways. It’s important to organize your own direction and to be willing to participate! The truth is that if you can think of a theme and everyone buys this category of present, it will be easier to jump. This strategy is also very good when you know that it can be bad because you bought a great present and whoever threw you bought a basket.

  1. Secret Chocolate Friend;
  2. Havaianas’ secret friend;
  3. Secret lingerie friend;
  4. Secret friend sunglasses;
  5. Secret Photography Friend
  6. Secret doggie friend;
  7. Secret book friend;
  8. Secret DVD/CD friend;
  9. Secret jogo de tabuleiro friend;
  10. Secret diary friend;
  11. Secret friend sustain;
  12. Secret batom friend;
  13. Secret caneta friend;
  14. Secret drink buddy;
  15. Secret erotic friend.

These options are excellent for those who want to please and still do not have to think about present dynamics ideal.

Different Secret Friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEAS to jump - Types of Secret Friend

Dynamic, different secret friend

Jump or secret friend It’s always a lot of fun, especially in the hour when it’s going to be finally revealed to people. At that moment, you can use and abuse of creativity, making your different and funny secret friendHere are some tips on how to make this moment unique:

  1. Secret animal friend: First he makes a list with names of animals and writes in two different pages. The first role is the animal that you represent and in the second, another animal refers to the person that you shot. The most diverse is that you will not know who shot until the moment of revelation.
  2. Secret friend complement: In this case, two countries should also be written with phrases that complement each other. They can be music tracks, stapled phrases, playlist name and a music that could be in this playlist. And then at the moment of revelation a person begins: I am “deus me livre” and who for “quem me dera” is the person who was thrown away.
  3. Secret friend dança das cadeiras: start by numbering the presents, then we start the game of the chairs and as each person is drawn, the draw a number and paste the present. The winner of the game, however, has the right, if he or she wishes, to hit any other present.
  4. Amigo da onça: This is ideal for a group of friends or family members who are jumping in a boa. You can throw away the clothes with the name of your secret friend before the day of the revelation and buy for the person a present of sacanagem, some kind of baranga or that you are sure that the person will not like. It is super fun to have jumps secret pegadinha friend.
  5. Secret friend anjo: They throw away the clothes, but the difference is that, since the day the secret friends were thrown away, you must do something for that person. For example: send a letter, give a chocolate, ask for someone to make a massage…
  6. Secret business friend: want to participate in your secret friend but that’s too big a deal? Because it does not provide its friends or family limit the value of the present or that it is a present manually. It is an incredible option because you will have fun spending a little.
Different secret friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEIAS to jump - Different secret friend dynamics

Brincadeiras to reveal secret friend

Thinking in all these ways ideas for a different secret friendWhen it comes to developing, it’s always the one I’m most looking forward to. The mystery of all those weeks, the doubts for you present and the curiosity to know who threw you, ended up in that moment. But not everyone manages to have boas ideas to jump from a secret friend with phrases that are shocking, so we gather some boas ideas:

  1. To fail exatly or as opposed to how to people it isphysically and in terms of personality.
  2. From blindfolded eyesI’ll tell you what, I’ll try to guess who shot you, touching your face, your hair…
  3. Begin the disclosure using expressions and gestures that the person costs to make.
  4. Fazer um rhyming poem things you have in common or things you like in your secret friend making the moment well suited.
  5. Falar a verdade, exatamente aquilo que gostaria de dizer para aquela pessoa.
  6. The draw can be made in the opposite way, people have to try to guess who shot them and not reveal who shot them.

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Different secret friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEIAS to jump - Brincadeiras to reveal secret friend

Secret Online Friend

As you can see from the two days of browsing, not everyone is willing to gather and throw away their paper or secret friend. However, there are already some sites that make the draw online and facilitate the life of the participants. Check out the instructions and useful sites on the post about how to make a secret friend draw by WhatsApp

Essas ideas for a different secret friend They are also excellent for that group of friends who are distant and even so, who would like to make a secret friend.

Different Secret Friend : 30 GENIAIS IDEIAS to jump - Secret Friend online

Secret solidarity friend

The times most likely to make a secret friend, generally, are the Easter and the Natal. These holidays are religious and always have some message behind them, of love, union, solidarity… Regardless of your beliefs, these are important values for any society, so, instead of doing as we do every year, a good idea for a change was to gather a group of friends or family and make a secret friend in solidarity, i.e. doing a volunteer workThe first thing to do is to gather a little food or personal hygiene products and give them to an institution in need.

Different Secret Friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEIAS to jump - Solidarity Secret Friend

How to organize a secret friend

In addition, the exchange of gifts is always made on a specific day of the commemorative date in question. So, it is worth thinking about dynamics for secret friend Organize a different Natal or a thematic song, for example: everyone should be dressed with some native element, everyone should have a piece of green cloth and then exchange the presents. Of course, the presents can be the most varied, depending on how you and your group of friends or family combined, because what matters most is that you spend good moments together!

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Different secret friend: 30 GENIAIS IDEAS to jump - How to organize a secret friend

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