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How to rechear a pinhata for adults

How to rechear a pinhata for adults

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As pinhatas deveriam become something obrigatório nas adult parties. In addition to releasing or stressing out break pinhataIn this way, adults also have the right to go out, as they did when they were small, to get their precious content. In Como.com.br we give you some tips on how to rechear an adult pinhata and get as much enthusiasm among the guests as possible.



It’s not because this is a adult pinhata that you must give up the bullets and years doces no recheio da pinhata. It will be fun to find, or break pinhata, as mesmas guloseimas that the participants found when they were children.


Thus, it can include both small, such as small packs of sweet potato chips, small, such as jujubas, rubber bullet bags or common bullets, chocolates and other dozen.


And in this passage through the seeds of childhood, the little ones should not be missed vintage jumpslike piões or ioiôs. You can take advantage of the pinhata to make a championship after choosing the best player of each of these activities. Possibly they will not be as good as when they were small and will be able to laugh at each other with the attempts to be the best.


Ainda assim, e ao ser uma pinhata para adultos, as possibilidades para rechear uma pinhata it opens up: it can include small delicacies gourmetsuch as flavored chocolates or imported bolachas; or more elaborate bales or rubber bullets caseiras.


Another basic point are the elements of the festival, this is, all those things that can serve to give a more festive atmosphere to the pinhata for adults. It can include Havaian colars or ball bearings, rope language, serpentine, balls or confetti.

How to rechear a pinhata for adults - Step 5

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Include alcoholic beverages It may be a good idea, but it must be done in a ‘non-traditional’ way. Remember that the carafes will be broken so that they will open the pinhata. As an alternative measure you can include liquors in the recipe of the rubber bales (and distribute, for example, gin tonic or vodka ursinhos) or recycle small plastic bottles, which will resist well to the curfew, with your favorite drinks.


The pinhatas for adults are also a good solution for parties bridal shower. On these occasions you can make a thematic review with dozens or small erotic jumps or use it as a first step for the jumps, games and ativities to say goodbyeincluding its clues and instructions in the pinhata.

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