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How to make a Jardineiro’s fantasy

How to make a Jardineiro's fantasy

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Fantasizing about gardening is an option very simple and fun for any fantasy party, carnival or even Halloween. In addition, it is perfect for men and women and can be a fantasy for children. In a Como.com.br we’re going to show you how to make a gardener’s fantasy.



For the gardening fantasy you will need a blue macaca (bargain) or green. Preferably those who have bags in which they can place some flowers. You can decorate the macaroon with some floral oil or decorate your taste. The idea of decorating the macaroni is very useful if you want to dress a child, as it gives more joy to the fantasy.


Under the macaroni you can use a white shirtBut this can be your criterion. Quase todas as cores ficarão bem.


Complement your gardening fantasy with a plastic sprinkler. But I thought if you want to take a large or small sprinkler, because it will not be very comfortable to walk with him throughout the party.


Another option on the irrigator’s side is to have a pruning tessera, a rainbow, a leaf or any other instrument comum gardening.


You can also use um palha chapéu to shave the head. It is very easy to find and can be decorated with flowers.

How to make a Jardineiro's fantasy - Step 5

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If you want to complement your gardening fantasy as much as possible, you can opt for a pair of boots or dark green plastic boots as footwear.

How to make a Jardineiro's fantasy - Step 6

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Another more economical option for your gardening fantasy is to glue on a bag of green, make some openings for the head and for the hands. Paint a flower in the bag and combine it with a palm leaf and a watering can. This option is perfect for children, so they can create their own gardening fantasy.

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  • You can buy a green macaroni for very little money in any shop or restaurant online.

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