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Ideas for lembrancinhas of beaten

Ideas for lembrancinhas of beaten

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O sacrament of baptism is one of the most important moments of the Catholic ritual. This event normally occurs a few months after birth and symbolizes the beginning of the baby’s journey of faith and the accompaniment of the path of God. For this reason, when it is a key moment in the life of the whole Christ, the baby’s country or the baby himself, he will present his guests with some detail that will reveal his beautiful day. If you don’t know what to honor your family and closest friends with, take note. In a Como.com.br we give you ideas for lembrancinhas of beaten. Make it a day you won’t need!

Beaten seeds: photographs or posters

A card or a postcard is one of the most used and beautiful details to re-light this day. Use a photograph of your baby or the person beaten at the moment of the bath or in a previous report and distribute it to all the assistants of the ceremony. You don’t need to use any tools, so you can use that money. You can add to the photograph date do beatenThe name of the batter is even a small citation taken from the Bible or related to religion.

Idea for beating seedlings - Beating seedlings: pictures or post card

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Beaten sails: dozens and sails

A classic of the beaten lembrancinhas are the twelve. As pralines are given to the guests very much time ago. Buy or make beautiful boxes or colorful bags and add the pralines. You can put in a bow and a small cardboard where the date and name of the batter are indicated. If you want to continue on this line, you can do bolachas originais with religious motifs or some figure representing the protagonist of the battering.

Another good idea is to offer candlesbecause they have always had a religious meaning. They are ideal both for the devotees and for those who are not, because they are also not ther. Also, some message or quotation in a small cardboard to give an absolute sense to this beautiful lecture.

Ideas for Beating Seedlings - Beating Seedlings: Twelve and Sails

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Lembrancinha de batiste: flowers

Even though it may seem strange, some plants are very symbolic in the ceremony of the batter. That is why it is a lembrancinha that will please both the devotees and those who do not. Choose a white flower, such as purity symboland a message or quotation about the child being beaten.

Ideias para lembrancinhas de batiste - Lembrancinha de batiste: flowers

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Lembrancinhas de batizado: trabalhos manuais

Dare to be made his own lembrancinhas of shaking! There are several ideas that will help you be more original and present your guests with unique details. Mouldings, keys or book markers are simple ideas that will help you to do well with your guests. Try to get the farm to like it better and do it yourself!

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Ideias para lembrancinhas de batiste - Lembrancinhas de batiste: trabalhos manuais

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