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How to make Festa Junina’s machiagem

How to make Festa Junina's machiagem - step by step

Festa junina is a delight! And there’s someone who says that, apart from being more gourmand, she’s also a jumper. The “caipirinha” is easy to make, besides being one of the favorites of the children. We adults can also have fun! In this article, we teach how to make Festa Junina – step by step for children and adults. Continue to read for more!

Machiagem for stylized quadrilha junina

To make uma different machiagem for Festa JuninaYou only need creativity and a little bit of imagination. Find out how to dress for Festa Junina. A YouTuber Bia Gonzaga[1] fez um tutorial simples de uma maquiagem para quadrilha junina estilizada.

  1. Make a fight in the way you prefer.
  2. Eat your eyes out passing by the palpebra’s edge, a shiny white shadow with your fingers. Puxe to the eye socket.
  3. Depois, use um fossy love to give a different look. Passing from the external part of the eye to the centre, where it is in white shade. It looks good.
  4. Next, paste uma orange fosca shadow and mark the concave and make it fade out quite a bit with a cheaper brush.
  5. To give depth, pass, with care, uma preta not concave shadow.
  6. Before applying the yellow shade again, apply something creamy to help the pigmentation. It can be a shadow pencil. Apply it slowly to the cilia and then put the yellow shadow.
  7. Make a delineated gatinho to lock up.
  8. Passe um preto pencil in the water line and a marrom shade rents the citrus trees.
  9. If you want, you can put false cycles or whimsy in the mask for citrus.
  10. Pass a red baton and whimsy no pink blush to give um ar of boneca.
  11. Finalize as pintinhas na bochecha.

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How to make machiagem of Festa Junina - passo a passo - Maquiagem for stylized quadrilha junina

Image: YouTube/ Bia Gonzaga.

Machiagem for traditional junin party

What don’t you like about the traditional Festa Junina’s machinery? With right up to the tooth missing, Alice Salazar[2], YouTuber, you’ve shown us how to sweep this era. Watch the passage:

  1. Do whatever you want. Normally, Festas Juninas take place during the day and, for that reason, it is necessary to longer durability.
  2. Passe uma pink shadow in the moving palpebra.
  3. No cncavo, passe um dark brown to finish and make the transition from shadow to skin.
  4. Dê uma “puxada de gatinho” in the song of the eye to leave the loving eye.
  5. With a blue shadow, illuminate the inner edge of the eye. Bem sphume.
  6. It makes a delineated cat and I spent a lot of mascara. If you prefer, you can place false cycles.
  7. Passe pretty blush in the bochechas and make the pintinhas.
  8. Finish the look with a batom pink gum.
  9. If you want, paint a tooth with a pencil.
How to make machiagem for Festa Junina - passo a passo - Machiagem for traditional Festa Junina

Image: alicesalazar.com.br

Machiagem for children’s festa junina

The criançada loves a bagunça! The festa junina is great for jumping up and down in fantasy and whimsy. Always be careful to use products own for childrenas well as not leaving her with an adult appearance. Look at the childishly machined YouTuber Marina Menina mostrou em seu canal[3].

  1. Passe uma pinkish shade all in the open.
  2. Use um preto pencil to mark the eyes in the format of a cat.
  3. Depois, é só caprichar no pink blush e fazer pintinhas com o lápis preto.
  4. Um batom rosinha ou laranja will leave the perfect look to dance quadrilha.

For meninos, you can use the pencil to fazer um bigode and finish the look with a palha chapéu!

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How to make machiagem for Festa Junina - passo a passo - Maquiagem for festa junina infantil

Imagem: YouTube/ Marina Menina.

Extra: How did Festa Junina come about

Celebrated in the month of June, the June festival honors three saints of the Catholic Church: São Pedro, João Batista and Santo Antônioknown as Santo casamenteiro. In the northern hemisphere, the June festival is associated with the summer solstice, which has the longest day and the shortest night of the year and takes place on June 21 or 22. This period is also full of little girls and, for that reason, the ancient peoples make rituals to thank and ask for food.

No Brazil, we were already celebrating parties in this season for the colheitas. The agriculture of the month was celebrated and the indigenous customs ended up merging with the Catholics. This is how the celebration came about, as we know it today, with typical Brazilian and some Portuguese dishes, such as the recipes for Festa Junina.

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