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85 Festa Junina phrases stapled together for wall, plate and status!

Stapled Festa Junina phrases - mural, plates and status

As best phrases of Festa Junina for mural are those that refer to typical elements of the festivals, music and nostalgia and it is clear that they can also be used as Festa Junina phrases for status. To inspire you in this time of the year, a HOWTO is a selection of the verses that you have to see, whether to use in the decoration, in the legend of the photos, in the invitations and even in the elegant mail. Check out our selection of Festa Junina phrases stapled to wall, plate and status!

Plaquinhas de Festa Junina: how to make it

The panels of Festa Junina are used both to decorate a mural or to back up the party, but also to entertain guests when taking photos or to decorate the bars with a touch of humour.

Separate sulfite paper, paper or cardboard, glue, tessera and optional accessories to decorate it (ink, glitter, plastic flowers, pearls…). It’s very easy fazer uma plaquinha de festa juninaI was like:

  1. I thought of the phrase that you want to have in the plate (in the rest of this article you confess ideas of phrases of festa junina);
  2. Write the sentence in the sulfite sheet or edit it in the computer and print it out;
  3. Put the sulfite on the cardboard or paper;
  4. Cut the plate out of the size that is most appropriate for your intended use;
  5. Decorate to your liking. Be inspired by the motifs of the jungle!
  6. If you want to use it as a party plate for the guests, collect a churrasco stick (made of wood) so that the guests of the farm can be sure of it at the time of taking the photo.

The video published in the Viluma Berto channel [1] He teaches as a fazer plaquinhas for a party:

Best Festa Junina phrases for mural

The best phrases of festa junina are those that refer to the festival, such as stapled caipira phrasesThe first is a series of photographs of the area, mentioning elements typical of that time of the year or quotes from São João. Check that selection:

  1. When the quadrilateral starts, no one will want to stop. Everyone will be celebrating!
  2. Chegou a Festa Junina, agora é só alegria!
  3. Festa Junina: everywhere there is dance, song and food. Be it old or young! Festa is always fun!
  4. In the midst of the July raid, you can populate all your problems, take an extra dose of hope, find a bar of sounds, and lick yourself with love!
  5. In this night of celebration, everyone falls in love. Cheering up the song. Fires, songs and exchanges in the city and in the rock in São João.
  6. Colorful paper trays tied on a string. Embaixo o arrasta pé tá pra la de bão.
  7. I went after happiness and ended up not paying!
  8. And let’s go to or arraial! No way. Everyone’s a party animal. Come on, come on. Let’s go, embora. Now you’ll be here.
  9. A pheasant of gentleness can generate a fogueira of coisas boas.
  10. Eu até tentei não gostar tanto assim de forró.

Quadrilha junina phrases

  1. Oia a cobra… é mentiiiiira!
  2. Oia a chuva!
  3. Now the cavalrymen are completing the ladies!

Phrases from Festa Junina caipira – Engraçadas

These stapled phrases of festa junina that are written in the style that the Chico Bento fala are perfect to be used as Festa Junina phrases for mural or decorative plaques. They are super charmy and fun:

  1. Eita, trem bão!
  2. Oxe, que festança arretada de boa.
  3. It is a symbol for the roots that the Festa Junina is about to begin!
  4. Eita, festa boa, sô!
  5. No trupica mas não cai!
  6. Let’s go drag our slippers!
  7. If you got married, you didn’t need any proof!
  8. I’ve already formed a mini quadrilha, I’m going to dance my São João!
  9. To uva passa, to banana passa. Só não passa a paçoca na barraca da praça.
  10. Tem muito amendoim por aí se sentindo paçoca.
  11. The police invade this meeting and arrest everyone by quadrilateral formation.
  12. At the June festival when someone shouts ‘olha a cobra’ I thought someone from my family had arrived.

Phrases for Festa Junina’s plates

A flabby detail that leaves flabby and stapled Festa Junina panels and murals is the ‘Chico Bento’ style writing style. There are some legends and status in ‘caipirês’ that are specifically perfect for the plates:

  1. Vô postá no zapzap.
  2. This party is so damaged by boa!
  3. Nóis tá nu feicibuque.
  4. É pru Instagaram?
  5. Oia a cobra!
  6. Santo Antônio, I add!
  7. Santo Antônio, help us!
  8. Try to stand up to teach me how to dance forro!
  9. Força na paçoca!
  10. You’re legal, but I prefer paçoca.
  11. Love does not leave happy people, the name disso is paçoca!
  12. Cadê minha caipirinha?
  13. You’re the one who’s in the beijo’s hut?
  14. Non-urtimate chic
  15. What’s the garment?
  16. Óia que moça formosa.
  17. I want more of it!
  18. Se eu não lembro, eu não fiz.
  19. Eu ❤ ️ dançar quadrilha junina.
  20. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can eat today.
  21. To the face it gives wealth.
  22. No one comes in here beastly, just out.
  23. A treat for those who haven’t seen it.
  24. I’ve been drinking, but I can’t go anywhere.

Festa Junina’s Elegant Mailing Phrases

In order to win over the elegant crowd with the crush at the Festa Junina, bet on trocadilhos with elements of junipers, sertanejos and music typical of that time of year. As the cartoons are generally small, bet on Festa Junina’s short phrases:

  1. Ai se eu te pegoego!
  2. I lost interest in you… It’s a lie!
  3. The barracks are now ready. The trays and the fireplace are also ready. Now all you need is to be my partner in the quadrilateral!
  4. How about a ride to the beijo hut?
  5. Vem cá ser o milho da minha pamonha!
  6. Oia que moça mais formosa!
  7. The ball is rising, the ball is rising and I continue to love you. Do you want to go with me?
  8. If you have two things I like, they are you and you!
  9. Viva o arraiá, viva o amendoim. I want to hit you more than you have to hit on top of me!
  10. If the two of you can do it with you, I’ll go anywhere!
  11. Everything in life, except my desire to dance, has been with you!
  12. It’s my heart’s desire.
  13. He can now be the father that the marriage is going to be.
  14. Will I be the sugar that makes this caipirinha?
  15. He has a pipe, he has a pamonha, he has quentão, only lack you to cheer up my heart.
  16. If the ‘dois pra la, dois pra cá’ forem with you, I will go anywhere.
  17. If the beauty of that chain, you would be forever imprisoned.

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Stapled Festa Junina phrases - mural, plates and status - Festa Junina's elegant phrases

Excerpts from the music of Festa Junina

There are hits that cannot be missed at a Festa Junina that is being held. Forrós, great northeastern composers and typical music of that time of the year are the perfect inspiration for Festa Junina status and legends for Instagram:

Luiz Gonzaga

  • ‘Quando olhei a terra ardendo. Qual fogueira de São João… – Luiz Gonzaga – Asa Branca
  • ‘Ela só quer, only think about it… – Luiz Gonzaga – Xote das Meninas
  • ‘A fogueira ta queimando em homenagem a São João. O forró já começou. Come on, people, let’s go to this room’ – Luiz Gonzaga – São João na Roça
  • Olha pro céu, meu amor. See how nice he is. Olha praquele balão multicor. As in the sky you go…’ – Luiz Gonzaga – Olha Pro Céu


  • ‘Olha, what is this here tá muito bom. Isso aqui tá bom demais…’ – Dominguinhos – Isso Aqui Tá Bom Demais
  • ‘What’s missing is a feeling of um bem, what’s missing is a feeling of um xodó… – Dominguinhos – Eu Só Quero Um Xodó

Excerpts from the music of Festa Junina

  • ‘Fagulhas, pontas de agulhas. Brilham estrelas de São João… – Gal Costa – Festa do Interior
  • ‘O baile lá na roçça foi até o sol raiar. The house was so badly built…’ – Tonico and Tinoco – O Sanfoneiro Só Tocava Isso
  • That’s why I’m going to the house. Falar do meu amor pra ela, vai. ‘Tá me esperando na janela, ai ai, Não sei se vou me segurar… – Gilberto Gil – Waiting in Janela
  • ‘Cai cai, balão. Cai cai, balão, Aqui na minha mão. I didn’t fall. I didn’t fall. I don’t fall. Cai na rua do sabão’ – Popular songs
  • ‘Chegou a hora da fogueira! É noite de São João… The sky is all lit up. The sky is all starry. “Ballroom painting… – You’ve reached Hora da Fogueira – Lamartine Babo
  • ‘Quem foi esse inteligente que inventou o forró. Fez to brunette raise pó…’ – Elba Ramalho – Forró do Xenhehém
  • What eu forrozeei “Tie or daylight… – Pé Bug – Nosso Xote
  • ‘I say and she doesn’t believe, she’s pretty, she’s pretty…’ – Geraldo Azevedo – Dona da Minha Cabeça
  • ‘É na sola da bota. É na palma da mão. Throw a smile in his face and send him on his way… – Rio Negro and Solimões – In the sole of the boot
  • ‘Festa junina is tradition. Pé-de-moleque, arroz doce e quentão…’ – Rio Negro e Solimões – Festa Junina
  • ‘Em festa de rodeio, coração atravesado. I am a peon in the midst of that peaceful people’ – Leandro and Leonardo – Rodeio Party
  • Vai galera, coração! Let the voice go, bat on the palm of your hand. Vai galera, coração. He says it’s just for excitement… – Edson and Hudson – Galley Coração
  • ‘In every São João festival, you have fireworks, you have ball. The “arraiá” is very much in the air and the sanfona is not for anyone. When the quadrilha starts to play I don’t want to stop anymore’ – Leandro and Leonardo – Anarriê
  • I ask for a prayer, dear São João, that you give me a marriage. São João disse que não, São João disse que não, this is the one with Santo Antônio… – Carmen Miranda – Isto É Lá Com Santo Antônio

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Stapled Festa Junina phrases - mural, plates and status - Festa Junina music videos

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