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How to make a fantasy of cangaceir@ or Maria Bonita

How to make a kangaroo fantasy

Image: Reprodução/fantasiascriativas.com.br

It was in the first decades of the 20th century that the cangaceirosThese are men who were armed and on sides in the northeastern sertão, and were seen by various historians as a reflection of the difficult social conditions in which they lived in the context to which they belonged. Due to the great historical importance that the Cangaceiros had, these men were sometimes represented in artistic works such as the Brazilian film ”The Slave”.O Cangaceiroinspired by the story of Lampião, a kangaroo who led a side. Besides the cinema, it is common that the song is also represented in commemorations such as the Carnival by means of fantasies. If you want to be inspired by the theme CarnivalI knew that this fantasy is easier to make than you imagine. Read this article from unCOMO and we will show you how to make up a cangaceiro’s fantasy.

Fantasia de cangaceiro

The cangaceiros were known for their roupa e chapéus de couroIn order to protect the thorns from the vegetation and also from the strong sun, it was common for the rocks to be made of thick and resistant fabrics.

How to make the roupa de cangaceiro

For a male cangaceiro fantasyYou will need folded shims, an important element because the space between the rump and the body allows for flexibility and avoids friction with the skin. In addition to the shims, it will be necessary to find a short sleeve shirt, preferably of a fabric also thick and similar to that of the inferior part of the fantasy so that all is combined. The shirt can contain bags, as well as shoes. Please note that you should fold the shirts a little bit for the shoes, as you can see in the image above.

If you don’t have the above mentioned pieces, stop improvising with clothes in different fabrics or in other models as a macaroni, meanwhile, it’s essential to keep the choice of neutral tones and close to the beginning.

As an improvised Maria Bonita fantasy

In spite of the image of a dog being associated with a man, it will be able to make a kangaroo fantasy also for women and inspired by Maria Bonita, known for having been the first woman to participate in the song and also for being Lampião’s romantic partner.

For a female kangaroo fantasyYou should use the same logic of the masculine version and prefer thick and neutral fabrics close to the beginning, however, the modeling of the clothes will be different and you should wear a dress all smooth, also being possible to replace it with a blouse with buttons with saia in more colors. If the clothes you have some details in color, is even better.

Como fazer uma fantasia de cangaceiro - How to make Maria Bonita's fantasy improvised

Image: Reprodução/Bejamim Abraão Calil Botto/Divulgação

Cangaceiro frog

O calçado for your fantasy is the same for both the female and male kangaroo fantasy. You should wear a color sandal, which can be tied to those that are held by hand, what matters is that they are made of color and also chestnuts, camel or pretas, like those of the image.

Como fazer uma fantasia de cangaceiro - Cangaceiro frog

Imagem: pehdechinelo.blogspot.pt

How to make an EVA shoulder strap

In addition, you will need a rubber band The newest model is a chestnut tree, which has several compartments and boxes, which you can find in a fantasy shop or make at home, which will not give much work and will probably be cheaper than buying the accessory soon.

To make a doggy belt at home you will only need a sheet of EVA marrom or bege and a tube of glue. Having the equipment in hand, start by cutting a piece of EVA with approximately 6 cm in length and that is large enough to turn around at your waist, then cut 2 more pieces of the same length that are large enough to start at your waist and go through the top of your shoulder, reaching the back of the opposite side. The idea is that the crosses make the format of an X as a set. For the feminine fantasy you will only need a full belt with some compartments, then you will be able to make a unique transverse line or just the belt, according to your taste.

When the legs are cut, collect them according to the indicated shape, or in other words, the first cut will be a belt and the other two will be attached to the belt forming an X and passing over the top of the shoulders. Take care to strain everything from the same side of the belt, so that the internal part can not see, which will give better appearance to the belt.

So on the basis of early summer, it’s time to make the bullet compartments. For this purpose, cut new purchased bullets, then measure approximately 4 cm in length, and tie them up with a belt. The hanging should be done in such a way that the thinner pieces will be parallel and in the middle of the belt, leaving 1 cm of excess on each side. In addition, it is necessary to take care because it is not the thinnest part of the belt that will be grudged, it is only necessary to make a vertical line near the beginning of the belt and form that will be imprisoned only by this base, then, form “gums” and will be grudging you following the same logic until completing the belt. To better visualize the result, look at the image below. The same must be done in the transverse direction.

If you want to know how to make a kangaroo robe in TNT and intends to replace the fabric, it is possible, however, TNT does not have the same consistency and thickness of EVA, which will make your fantasy look less interesting.

Dica: Try to choose an EVA whose tone is more dark than that of your rump, so that the accessory can stand out.

How to make a babysitting fantasy - How to make a babysitting belt in EVA

Image: granbazar.com.br

Fantasy accessories for kangaroo

It throws fantasy without a robe as a base and only gains life when we add accessories, which will leave its look even more characteristic so that no one will see you fantastically without perceiving instantly that it is a kangaroo fantasy.

Already, in addition to the robe, we will begin to think about the accessories, which we think first in the essence that it is one of the symbols of the kangaroos: the chapéu long tacking to the top, in a meia lua format, also in a couro format. The chapéu will be the same for the masculine and feminine fantasy.

Finally, you will be able to use a lenço vermelho no pescoço e, no caso dos homens uns óculos with round lenses.

Now you are all ready and you already have your kangaroo fantasy ready for more a Carnival or Festa Junina!

Como fazer uma fantasia de cangaceiro - Acessórios para fantasia de cangaceiro

Imagem: magazine25.com.br

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