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As fazer fantasia do curupira passo a passo

Curupira is a personagem of Brazilian folklore known to be the protector of forests. Pray to Lenda that the hair is ruined and your feet are turned back, to deceive assassinations that intend to follow your tracks stuck in the forest. Or curupira fantasy is an optimal idea for the Folklore Day, Halloween parties or fantasy parties. E o melhor: ela é super easy to be made. Você já vai understand melhor nesse artigo do umCOMO que ensina how to make fantasy do curupira step by step.

Roupa do curupira

Different do Saci-Pererê, That it has a vermelho cap as one of its most striking characteristics of its figurine, or curupira not visually seeded without its roupas, but with its hair seu pé verado for the back of the vermelho hair. Also, illustrations and representations of personagem or portraits always using a kind of thong or socks with green leaves, alluding to the elements of nature.

How to fazer fantasia do curupira passo a passo - Roupa do curupira

How to make fantasy do curupira step by step

A roupa do curupira can be improvised with some basic elements and green fabric, it is você não tiver um shorts (ou sunga) green to use for baixo, it can also be something vermelho or laranja, which faça reference to fogo.

As an essential complement, you will need to use plastic or paper sheets to strain into your curupira roupa. You can find the craft items for parties, decoration items or fantasy items. Na lack of them, unravel the sheets in cardboard and cut-out.

To make the fantasy of curupira, you will need:

  • Sunga ou calção verde ou vermelho;
  • Fita, woven, or a belt that wraps around the waist;
  • Plastic or paper sheets;
  • Fita that gives a volta us pulses and turns it
  • Cola, fita adesiva ou cola quente.

Fantasy of curupira

Confira um passo passo bem simple for a fantasy of curupira and photos to be inspired:

  1. Or first item give your curupira fantasy and get that green calção ou vermelho to place underneath. Uma sunga é uma boa opção;
  2. Then, use a fita / fabric / belt that gives a volta to your waist to pendurar as folhas (as in photo). Se você fez as folhas em papel, é more easy to make uma saia com tnt para para roupa do curupira e strain as folhas on her with hot glue;
  3. Feito isso, the main part of your fantasy will be ready. Now it’s time to think about what makes a difference as lathezeleiras de folhas e pulseiras. To make them, it is enough to make them like na saia porém on a smaller scale;
  4. Finally, you will pluck a couple of false feet to strain us into perfect physical fantasy, like a photo!
Como fazer fantasia do curupira passo a passo - Como fazer a fantasia do curupira passo a passo

Imagem: Reprodução / Instagram / @ robertofelipedeoliveira

Fantasia do curupira: maquiagem e cabelo

The elements of beauty that most characterized lenda and fantasy of curupira are elements of fire and tons of green. As there are no rules, some simple and perfect ideas are:

  • Hair: peruca laranja or vermelha or paint or hair with hair spray;
  • Sobrancelhas: tingidas de vermelho or verde, or with green glitter or vermelha;
  • Maquiagem: or urucum It is an excellent reference to forest elements, it can be used on or face and also on the peitoral.

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As fazer fantasia do curupira passo a passo - Fantasia do curupira: maquiagem e cabelo

Imagem: Reprodução / borgesmake-up.blogspot.com

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