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wedding centerpiece with flower arrangement

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Wedding parties are the type of event where every detail is different. From the rug through which guests enter to the chair where they sit, everything will be observed and pampering is essential. With this in mind, we indicate: do not despise the wedding table center. Each guest must observe the object with detail and appreciation and the more beautiful and perfect it is, the better.

Wedding Table Center Ideas and Photos

In the checklist of items for the event o wedding table center ranks in the top five when it comes to decor. It should match the overall theme in both colors, tones and style. If your entire ballroom has flowers, the centerpiece should follow the same style. There are those who match the decoration of the church too, but it is not essential.

Flower arrangement

Flowers are always loved in romantic celebrations such as weddings and weddings, and they are very pleasing. They are great to symbolize the delicacy of the event and the romantic atmosphere of the couple, as well as being classic in this type of event. Professional party organizers recommend choosing the flower according to the season of the year according to the wedding date to ensure better beauty, flowering and ease of finding in the market.

wedding centerpiece with flower arrangement

White flowers change color according to the ambient light and the tablecloth can be one more item to think about in your decor.

Floral arrangements are relatively simple to make but involve some important details such as choosing the base: will it be a glass, wood or similar vase? The use of glass should focus on the transparency of the material and with that the base of the plants should be well cut and if possible with some detail beyond simple water. You can buy vases to leave the arrangements for your guests (it’s quite common even at luxury weddings) or rent the entire item and only take care of the flowers).

floral wedding table centercenterpiece for a wedding with flowers and lights

Light and flowers can be a beautiful combination as an option for your party

centerpiece for wedding with white flowerswedding table centerpieces with flowers

Artificial or natural flowers? Focusing on traditionalism and for luxury weddings, the rule is always to opt for natural. But depending on the location and type of event, costs can be low with artificial flowers and choosing well some models convey a really admirable realism.

The most used flowers at weddings are: roses (white, red, lilac and yellow), alstromeria, angelica, azaleas, glass of milk, cloves, lisanthus, gardenia, gerbera, lilies, orchids, lobelias, daisies, forget-me-nots, poppies, petunias and yerbenas. These are just suggestions because the variety in the flora is enormous.

Advantages: the beauty is certainly wonderful. Flowers are admired all over the world and make the decoration much more detailed.

Disadvantages: using natural flowers you have a short time to organize all the arrangements and a huge conservation. In general, they are prepared and delivered on the same day as the event, with possible delays. Look for a good company so you don’t have problems.

in EVA

When it comes to party decorating Eva has a huge advantage. Both for party favors and to decorate guest tables, the rubberized one comes out ahead because it is cheap, easy to handle and very simple to make. There are many cool ideas for simple construction that even newlyweds can do, but there are many experts on sites like Elo7, Mercado Livre, OLX and Facebook groups offering the services.

eva wedding table center

Arrangements with eva flowers are easy to make and well priced.

rubberized eva wedding table centerpiececenterpiece for wedding with evaeva wedding centerpiece

Advantages: You don’t have to worry about the deadline. You can order today and get married in five months and the material doesn’t wear out or change color. They are also easy to store and offer no risk of breakage depending on the base.

Disadvantages: the look is not so delicate. The rubber has no shine but an opaque finish, not as glamorous.

in biscuit

The most famous handicraft dough in Brazil is also one of the most malleable and versatile to build all kinds of centerpieces, from small brides to complex arts such as flowers of all kinds.

wedding table centerpiece in biscuitwedding table center with biscuit flowerstable center tips for biscuit weddings

Advantages: you can buy many months in advance without any problems, just keep it well.

Disadvantage: the manufacturing labor can be expensive depending on the complexity of the chosen item.


Rustic wedding calls for a different type of centerpiece as well. It would be to use natural elements like wood, wildflowers, branches, grass and other natural items. It goes well with beach, country, farm, and similar weddings.

rustic style wedding centerpiecewedding table center for rustic wedding

Take advantage of antique wood, sand, paint and you will have beautiful vases for your wedding table center

Rustic wedding centerpiece with candleswedding table center for country weddingAdvantages: everything can be obtained naturally, lowering costs.

Disadvantage: doesn’t work with all themes.

with bottles

The newest flag raised in the world is recycling. Protecting the environment is essential and it can start with your wedding decor. Like? investing in wedding table center with bottle decorated with details such as gemstones, fabrics, spray paint and some flowers. Putting it all together you get beautiful bottle vases and still help the environment. And if it looks ‘poor’ in fact the style is adopted all over the world and is super trendy!

wedding table center with glass bottlewedding table center with bottle of winewedding table centerpiece made with bottlehandmade bottle wedding table centervintage wedding centerpiece

Advantages: There is nothing easier than finding glass bottles out there. You yourself have some for consumption like wine and beer at home or know someone who can put some together. It can be one or one set per table. The result is very nice.

Disadvantages: It involves a little manual work and can be time consuming. It is necessary to start as soon as possible.

With aquarium

The term ‘aquarium’ can be entered here in two ways. In Brazil, the fashion of using aquariums with live fish according to the theme of the party has not become so popular, but in some tropical countries and the United States it is a strong trend towards decorative innovation. That’s right, real fish! They are small aquariums decorated with stones the color of the party theme and even the fish can ride the wave of the combination being chosen by their color.

Around here it’s called wedding table center aquarium to use flowers in a small glass aquarium. Inside they can have flowers (in water or loose), candles, petals or any other object that goes well with the transparency.

centerpiece for wedding with aquarium and fishtable center for aquarium wedding The aquarium is the traditional one made of glass but there are many potted plants that can be used of the same material with a rounded aquarium shape.centerpiece for wedding aquarium with flowerscenterpiece for aquarium model weddingtable center ideas for an aquarium wedding

Advantages: it is really a different decoration and opens up many possibilities such as using colorful flowers, colored paint in the water and the difference of live fish.

Disadvantages: You have to start preparing with a relatively long lead time to complete the list of items.

with candles

Lighting is one of the important points in a decoration and creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere using candles is an option. Some people take advantage of the dim light in the center of the table and also dim the light points or using yellow lighting to create a very creative environment.

wedding table center using candleswedding table centerpiece with candles The support chosen for your candles depends on the type of decoration of the event. If there are bowls and many other glass objects, it is very good to use vases. But if it is a well metallic decoration, chandeliers and chandeliers are an option too.
table center photos for weddingwedding table center with simple candleshow to make a wedding centerpiece using candles

Advantages: You can use candle lighting to create a more intimate spot of light on tables.

Disadvantages: Only works at night weddings. In places with high wind circulation there is a solution: leave the vase only half full and the wrapped item will allow the candle to remain lit throughout the party. Some of these scented candles last longer than a day.

with balloon

Balloon and party decoration: a perfect combination. The item is cheap and can be used both in children’s parties and weddings, just adapting to the style of each event. Makes the look happier, especially in large ballrooms with few tables. To float it must be filled with helium gas pumps.

decorate wedding table center with balloonscenterpiece for wedding with party balloonscenterpiece for wedding with party balloonstable centerpiece for simple wedding with balloons

Advantages: low cost and easy to assemble

Disadvantages: the high temperature climate can pop the balloons. Not suitable for outdoor day weddings.

simple and cheap

The key word for those who want to decorate a wedding but don’t want to spend a lot is creativity. You can create beautiful centerpieces without necessarily spending a lot and with very simple art. It’s worth using many items from your day-to-day such as beer and wine bottles, glass jars for invitations, flowers from a crazy garden, among other cool proposals.

table center for easy weddingcreative wedding centerpiece

For a tropical wedding, flower vases with fruit would be a good idea.

table center for simple and easy weddingcheap wedding centerpiece

How to Make a Wedding Centerpiece Step by Step

Centerpiece with flowers step by step

step by step from centerpiece to wedding

You will need:

  • Wooden boxes – sold in craft, party and entertainment stores
  • artificial flowers of your choice
  • clay for artificial vase
  • wide satin ribbon
  • string
  • scissors

Step by step to make your centerpiece:

Decorate the boxes however you like. You can just apply the tape and fix it with hot glue as in the photo above or use spray paint to give it a different touch. It’s up to you. Rustic wood models can be sanded and varnished to improve the finish.

Arrange the flowers according to the position you want them to be. If they are all the same for and type, no problem. In case it is not just going to select the position. Tie them together with the help of string.

Separate small pieces of clay and place them in the center of the box and place your arrangements already attached with string. That’s it, your centerpieces are getting ready.

Centerpiece with candles step by step

how to make a wedding centerpiece step by step

You will need:

  • rounded aquariums or pots
  • artificial petals and flowers
  • Water
  • small candles – specific for room decoration, which can be aromatic or not.

Step by step to make your centerpiece:

Place a candle in the center of the vase, which can be fixed with hot glue or another…

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