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Hawaiian party straw decoration

Decoration, details and + 60 ideas!

There is no doubt that a Hawaiian party it guarantees a lot of fun. Classic, this theme became popular all over the world due to its versatility and several possibilities for a perfect assembly, both in decoration and in the ‘vibe’ of the celebration.

If you’re thinking about this theme to make a rocking event, check out the post with cool and essential tips!

Hawaiian party straw decoration

Fruits, plants, decor: Hawaii’s beach inspiration is the highlight of a Hawaiian party!

Whether at the Hawaiian party or any other, you can give it a personal touch and make it your own. There is no standard that must be strictly followed, after all, everything changes and modernizes too quickly.

Let’s read some tips for throwing a Hawaiian party? Stay tuned and write down everything! 🙂

Hawaiian Party Decoration

THE decoration is the key to making your Hawaiian party a great success. The advantage of this theme is that there is a lot of inspiration, both in movies and in similar celebrations, after all, it is very popular.

If it’s an anniversary, use very vibrant tones and warm colors (red, yellow, orange) more prominently. For a wedding or something that needs to be more ‘clean’, bet on balance, with something clearer as the main point – pink and white are good neutral colors – and colored ones as a complement (on the table and in smaller decorations). Avoid very dark colors, obviously.

It goes without saying that the Hawaiian party is ideal for summer and hot days. After all, everything needs to be very light, lively and vibrant, which doesn’t match the sober tone of winter.

colorful Hawaiian party decorationHawaiian party decoration

Look at this idea with blackboard and thematic background design. Nice, isn’t it?

colorful hawaiian party how to docolorful hawaiian partyHawaiian party with balloons

Balloons are also good alternatives!

Prefer a space to open air to increase contact with nature. It can be in the garden, patio, farm or even on the beach, if you are in a coastal area. Otherwise, bet on the sand!

Hawaiian party tree decorationHawaiian party sand decorationHawaiian beach party

Details are essential and must be well placed throughout the environment. Use favor trees to hang ornaments such as flowers and paper lamps.

It’s also a good idea to wear colored calico or jute fabrics. Bamboo and straw are also good bets for the perfect atmosphere of a Hawaiian party.

Hawaiian party bamboo decorationHawaiian outdoor party

Balloons + colorful pillows add an intimate touch to the party!

In lighting, everything needs to be very soft, with dimmer LED lights, lanterns and candles – arranged on the tables.

hawaiian party lightinghawaiian party beach lightingnight lighting Hawaiian party

Speaking of which, the main table should have fruits and flowers (natural and artificial), something very natural and tropical.

Hawaiian party head tablehead table decorated Hawaiian party

Look at this super creative and decorated booth type table!

Hawaiian party tablefine table hawaiian party

Dare to design and cut the fruits!

table with pineapple

You can use pineapple as a garnish too!

For the guests’ table, use a plain tablecloth with a center decoration, this could be a small vase, candles or a custom paraphernalia.

Hawaiian party guests table

Pink + white is a chic and beautiful combination!

Hawaiian party tableHawaiian party decoration ideastable guests idea

What to serve?

O Hawaiian party menu it is very easy and simple to elaborate. On the coffee table, fruits need to be highlighted, precisely because this celebration has an all natural tone.

Make servings decorated with various types that match: watermelon, star fruit, grapefruit, apple, strawberry, mango, kiwi, among many others. The pineapple can be in the center and be used for drinks, as well as the green coconut.

Drinks and juices cannot be lacking, and the more colorful the better. Complement with more popular snacks that are light – nothing too heavy – in addition to traditional drinks. In this case, they don’t need to be in the decoration, they can be served separately, directly to the guests during the celebration.

Hawaiian party personalized cookies

Personalized cookies with party accessories <3

Hawaiian party menu what to serveHawaiian party menu

colorful cupcakes

candy hawaiian partyhawaiian party sweets

Fine and decorated sweets

Hawaiian party what to serve

Fun and decorated fruit for a cheap Hawaiian party!

hawaiian party snacks

Decorated Hawaiian Cake

Fruits and flowers should also be the highlight of a Hawaiian cake decorated, which can have several layers or be more discreet. Inside, dare with dyes in different colors to give a really cool contrast.

Other ideas are a cake inspired by the beach, classic Hawaiian stalls, or with all these details together.

hawaii cakemodern hawaiian cakeHawaiian cakeHawaiian party cakeHawaii cake decorationHawaiian party cake ideashawaiian cake partyhawaiian party idea of ​​cakeHawaii cake ideaHawaiian cake idea

Cake with flowers and colorful inner layers 🙂

What clothes to wear?

And what about the Hawaiian party looks? What to use to rock the event?

in the pool

For the pool and a very hot day, prefer light clothes to enjoy the party in a good way. As for the colors, it doesn’t have to be something super colorful, you should have good sense and invest in a balanced combination, even if this party allows for a certain exaggeration.

For them: short shorts, flowered dresses, skirts, printed blouses, light sandals, flip-flops and flats and many accessories (preferably related to the event’s vibe).

Hawaiian look beach and pool party

For them: light chino pants, shorts, shorts in neutral colors, floral shirt, Hawaiian shirt, printed t-shirts, moccasins, flip flops, flat sneakers, accessories such as hats, caps and necklaces.

men's pool look Hawaiian party

Pool attire (swimsuit, bathing suit, bikini) are good bets for the party. Take it aside and exchange it if you want to enter the pool. Oh, and don’t give up sunglasses and sunscreen if the event is daytime.

On site / field

For the farm or countryside, invest in a more sober look and not so much beachy as at the Hawaiian pool party.

For them: light pants, long dress, blouses, t-shirts, overlay with soft fabric jacket or shirt, sandals.

look hawaiian party field

For them: white chino pants, cargo pants, shorts, monochromatic shirt, moccasins, light sneakers.

look hawaiian male party field

In the cold

Honestly, it’s not a good idea to have a Hawaiian party in the cold, but as we know that the weather around here fluctuates a lot, if it’s not sunny during the day, bet on a good balance of colors and something more chic/stylish.

For them: long dresses, white pants, blouses in warm colors, sneakers or sneakers, shirt and overlay.

Hawaiian party look in the cold

For them: plain t-shirt overlay + shirt or blouse with light fabric, cargo pants or chino, low-top sneakers.

male Hawaiian party look cold

Don’t give up on themed accessories. Abuse flower necklaces, headbands, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other colorful and floral items!

What songs to play?

The songs depend a lot on the tone of the party, but there is a consensus that more Hawaiian sounds should take priority, those with a more folksy atmosphere, from lively to more relaxed. Listen to this playlist to see what you think:

To give a modern touch to the party and not be so classic, bet on beach music. Singers like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper, Colbie Caillat are good choices! You can mix it with pop and rock to make the party livelier. Reggae goes really well too!

Listen to this playlist of beach songs with very versatile sounds to keep the Hawaiian party vibe:

At the end of the party and at dusk, it’s a good idea to get everyone together for a luau! Make a bonfire, grab a guitar and send a bullet!

Hawaiian Party Invitations

Whether on paper or an electronic invitation, do something more cheerful and flashy – with all the beach atmosphere – so that guests feel like going to your party. Take a look at these ideas:

Hawaiian party invitationHawaiian invitation designHawaiian party invitationHawaiian party invitation templateHawaii invitation template

Hawaii Party Favors

Party favors must follow the pattern of the decoration and colors of the party. Invest in something personalized and that has to do with the Hawaii party: fans, umbrella, candy jar, small vases, mini boards…

Hawaiian party party favors ideas

Custom board keychains

hawaiian party memories

Box with colored gummy candies

hawaiian party favors

cans painted by hand

Hawaiian party favors

Personalized souvenirs

hawaii party memories

colored cups

How to Make a Cheap Hawaiian Party

If you can’t afford to invest in a big party and want to save money, you can throw a cheap Hawaiian party with handcrafted, easy-to-find items.

  • In party stores or fabric stores, you can find TNT and other similar types very cheap. Take a look around at home or ask friends for colorful fabrics to decorate.
  • The decoration lamps can be made with paper, there are several tutorials on the internet! Candles and artificial flowers are also usually very affordable. If you live in a beach area or with a lot of nature, use this to your advantage!

Hawaiian party table decorationcheap hawaiian party decorationcheap hawaiian partyeconomic hawaiian party

Being creative is key to making a Hawaiian party more economical!

Other props you can make following the simple tutorials step by step. Take a look at this DIY:

  • As for fruits, take advantage of the nearest fair and negotiate a nice price as you will need a large quantity. They come out much cheaper than alcoholic drinks, for example.
  • No need to hire professionals to set up the party. You can decorate it your way and using the creativity. The secret is to think about all the details in advance and ask for help from friends and family so that everything goes perfectly!

Want more inspiration for a simple party? Take a look at the videos with some cheap and cute items:

assemble a Hawaiian party it is very practical as there are many possibilities. Use your creativity and make an amazing and killer event! If you have any questions, leave a comment in the post. Then tell us the result! Happy party and see you next time!

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