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Cleopatra costume models to inspire

Cleopatra costumes: amazing photos and models!

Cleopatra was one of Egypt’s most famous queens and one of the most elusive women of all time. Some historians list her among the smartest for seducing two Roman emperors to stay in power. Despite the images dating the last queen of Egypt of the Ptolemy dynasty as a woman of various physical attributes, it turned out not to be like that: she was a woman with her beauty for her people, but many Brazilian women would surpass her in a beauty contest . Let’s stick with the mystical version for Cleopatra’s costumes.

Cleopatra costume models to inspireCleopatra's costume looksCleopatra's costume photos

How-to tips

There are so many movies and books about the Egyptian queen that inspiration abounds to create a Cleopatra’s costumes. There are a total of 40 film productions talking about the queen, some recent and others very famous, such as the version with Elizabeth Taylor as an actress, giving life to the character. All are inspired by original costumes based on historical records that can help you create your costume.


Let us remember that Egypt was a very rich country and for a long time it was one of the main holders of gold, one of the minerals used both in the skin and in the manufacture of accessories. And how the Egyptians worshiped gold both in their clothes and in their accessories. The region near the Nile River is also quite hot and the clothes were light and showing a lot of legs. The arms were never covered, at most the shoulders.

Cleopatra costume models in movies

The muse Elizabeth Taylor who immortalized the character in cinema


All kings and members of the Egyptian nobility wore many ornaments in gold. The snake bracelet was a royal accessory worn by the queen in the face of the power of love. However, according to later studies, Cleopatra would not have used a snake to kill her husband as the tales inform, it is just a metaphor for method and betrayal. The models are great to complement the fantasy and super affordable.

snake bracelet for Cleopatra costumes

The current fashion Egyptian maxi necklaces are very similar to the models worn by Cleopatra, making it even easier to find one made of metal or costume jewelry. The necklace can be made in gold fabric or with gemstones, beads, fabrics or even lighter materials. All formats are valid as long as they match the chosen costume.

Cleopatra's costume hatnecklaces for Cleopatra's costumesmaxi necklaces to wear in Cleopatra's costumes

On the feet, the ideal is to go with golden sandals and as thin as possible. The more delicate the shoes, the better, especially in models with straps. No heels, even thinking about a party and the discomfort of spending hours balancing on your heels.

Cleopatra costume accessories


The queen’s forte has always been her eyes. Noble Egyptians used dyes from animals or with plant substrates to achieve striking eyes like those shown in movies and documentaries. Maybe not like our layout, but it definitely had eyeliner to make the look stand out, the main mark of the look of a Cleopatra’s costume.

Your makeup should focus on eyeliner with a strong line and a special golden shadow, but it can have more than one color. Create a double layer of eyeshadow and a little mascara should help too. One tip is to choose one of the colors of your outfit to wear on your eyes to create a tone-on-tone effect.

make up for Cleopatra's costumes Lipstick would be the discreet part of Cleopatra’s makeup. As with all types of makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, don’t draw too much attention to the mouth, use more closed, discreet or even nude tones to make the look standout.make up for Cleopatra's costumesmake up Cleopatra costumes step by step

Cleopatra’s Costume Models

Costume party, Halloween, Carnival, themed birthday… what kind of event do you need to think about Cleopatra’s costumes? Now you can start arranging yours and just wait for the date on the calendar to arrive to use. There is always one fitting for your body type and there are many models that can be done at home without any problems.


The luxury version tends to emphasize a little more of the queen’s glamor with lots of gold and noble fabrics (fine and with movement). The main thing is to emphasize the curves with tight dresses and perfect accessories to enhance even more. And to match the dress, the ideal is a luxury sandal model also with a light heel, but always focusing on comfort.

luxury Cleopatra costumesCleopatra costume pricesbuy luxury Cleopatra costumesCleopatra's costumes luxury versionhow to wear Cleopatra's costumesgold and blue Cleopatra costumesblack and gold Cleopatra costumes


The short model is the most suitable for summer parties or that intense carnival of hours of dancing and enjoyment. Some will leave their tummy and it is important to note this point. Make sure you feel comfortable with the piece. Avoid models that are too tight in the skirt as they can rise or be uncomfortable to sit on.

Cleopatra top and skirt costumesCleopatra costumes with short black dressred Cleopatra costumes Cleopatra costumes with short skirtCleopatra costumes with short black dress


Customised, improvised, homemade… whatever the name. The fact is that you can enjoy some items from home and make your own model with a lot of charm and very different from Cleopatra’s costumes. And it’s not complicated to do! A black or white dress, gold fabric and some sequins already allow a beautiful look and the best: without spending too much. Maybe you need a sewing machine, but manual work is also possible if you already have a dress ready and just need some adjustments.

how to make Cleopatra costumes Having a strapless black dress or with short straps just adapt the accessories for head, arms and belts in the same golden fabric. Cleopatra's costumes step by stepcustom Cleopatra costumes with black dressmakeshift Cleopatra costumesCleopatra's costumes step by stephomemade Cleopatra costumes

Cleopatra and Pharaoh

Want to wear a double costume? No problem. The Cleopatra and Pharaoh costume suggestion is a great tip for couples and friends or you can opt for the queen and her last pair, the Roman Marco Antônio. Both models sell a lot on the market and are easy to make too.

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Katy Perry

And do you know who loves the look of the Queen of Egypt? The pop singer Katy Perry, who has taken the stage several times with the look to further inspire the options of Cleopatra’s costumes.

Katty Perry's Cleopatra costume modelKatty Perry in Cleopatra costumesKarry Perry's Cleopatra costumesKatty Perry's photos of Cleopatra

Prices of Cleopatra’s costumes

There are models of all prices and for all budgets. Cleopatra’s costumes in the market. Luxury can reach R$ 1,500 but it is possible to find cheaper models for R$ 200 to R$ 300. Making your own costume you can save a lot but you need a lot of anticipation to create a suitable model, as it takes time from dressmaker.

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