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gifts for creative boyfriend

40+ creative and inexpensive ideas!

Gifts for boyfriend: what are the best ideas and creative options to surprise your loved one, whether on your birthday or another special date? A lot of people want to get away from the conventional and go further to earn a few more points with their love, so we’ve prepared some really cool tips to inspire you (and your boyfriend, of course!)

gifts for creative boyfriend

Whether for him or her, you can always choose something that draws attention to make him even more in love. You can’t go wrong at this time, so it’s essential to know well his/her personal tastes and personality, to give something interesting and usual – and to remind you of you and the moment, isn’t it?

Check out some amazing and super creative boyfriend gift suggestions (there are some really cheap things too!)

Creative Boyfriend Gift Suggestions

  • Gifts for boyfriend (a) geek/gamer

→ How about a T-shirt innovative to make your loved one full of attitude and fashionable? Get out of the mainstream of stores and take a look at stores that sell custom (some you can even print!) and creative pieces.

Want two cool tips? Take a look at Camiseteria and Chico Rei’s website. #dicadeouro. It has several geek and meaningful models (based on movies, series, cartoons, life situations), as well as impeccable quality. It’s worth a bet!

gifts for boyfriend t-shirts

Where to find it: camiseteria.com.br

gifts for boyfriend creative t-shirts

Where to find it: camiseteria.com.br

gifts for boyfriend t-shirt

Where to find it: chicorei.com

boyfriend t-shirts

Where to find it: chicorei.com

→ Just like t-shirts, invest in mugs customized. They tend to be very economical and come out with the result you want – choose something your ‘boyfriend’ really likes.

boyfriend mugs

Where to find: belacores.com.br

mugs for valentines

Where to find it: Free Market

personalized mugs boyfriend

Where to find: belacores.com.br

→ Another suggestion for geeks is Movie DVDs, Bluray or Series Box. In addition to cool gifts, you can still watch together and do that marathon on the weekends. Not bad, isn’t it?

box game of thrones for boyfriend

Box from the famous Game of Thrones series. Where to find: Submarine, Americanas

harry potter box

Box of the classic Harry Potter. Where to find it: Submarine

I bet you already want to see a series/movie or have already referred it to your boyfriend and he didn’t pay attention. So, how about surprising him and giving him this option? Then he will watch it!

→ As well as the previous boyfriend’s gift suggestion, a game video game also falls into the same category. If you’re not so into games, take a look and buy one he doesn’t have yet or you’re dying to play – the good thing is that you can learn and you can also fight that battle together (and without exaggeration, ok ?).

games for mario boyfriends

Super Mario is a childhood classic that everyone loves!

You can even get inspired and make a board game for the two of you! Like the famous Board of Love:

love board

→ Finally, a sure bet that almost no one remembers: action figures! If your boyfriend is crazy about a cartoon or similar, go after that ‘naughty doll’ – preferably his favorite character – to give away. This goes for plush toys too! In addition to the specialty stores, the Mercado Livre has a lot of cool stuff. Take a look and choose!

funky pop line

The Funko Pop line of action figures is super popular and versatile, with puppets from different series!

More cool stores to find creative boyfriend gifts: Loja Meninos, Multicoisas and Imaginarium.

  • Gifts for a tuned-in boyfriend

→ For music lovers and band/artist fans, go beyond the CD and present something rare, it could be a different LP, a single that almost no one has or something related.

lp present

You can find LPs in specialty stores and sites like Ebay and Mercado Livre

Remember that in the case of gifts for boyfriends, the more you show that you know the lover’s tastes and care about them, the more points you will earn with him!

→ As for those who do not give up on technology, mobile or PC accessories are good alternatives. Cool capes, portable chargers, different peripherals and even the device itself (if you are ‘possible’) are some cool options.

mobile accessories

  • Gifts for an adventurous boyfriend

→ If he really likes to venture out there like there’s no tomorrow, it’s nice to give him something that is useful and/or provides safety in the middle of the trips. So what to bet on? How about a really cool backpack that fits a lot? Or a sturdy sneaker to withstand any environment?

Other suggestions: flashlight, cap/hat, sunglasses and even a board or bicycle if you really want to invest in more expensive gifts.

adventure bike

Adventure bike. Where to find it: beefitness.com.br


Colorful LED flashlights. On sale on Aliexpress

adventure backpack

Adventure backpack, for sale at Mercado Livre

Another cool gift idea for the adventurous boyfriend is to offer a ride, like ballooning, climbing or skydiving!

  • Gifts for a workaholic boyfriend

→ Workaholics are among us and you are sure to know one. If you’re lucky enough to have a boyfriend like that, treat him with a creative little gift that looks just like him.

It can be a social outfit (tie, shoe, scarf) or a functional accessory – and fun –, like an alarm clock, watch, headphone, music player, wallet, clutch, briefcase, backpack.


For them, a handbag: there are several options!

different alarm clock

How about a creative and different alarm clock?

  • Gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend

→ Are you dating an athlete on duty (or at least he thinks he is)? For the sportsman boyfriend, nothing better than to encourage him in this and give a memory that has to do with the activity in question.

Men who love football (and women too, by the way) will love props from heart team – the good thing is that they go beyond the conventional t-shirt.

team shirts

Bet on more classic sports shirts. You can find it in thrift stores, Facebook groups and Mercado Livre

As for those who practice, how about a new tool that he uses a lot? It can be a ball, racket, net, skates… and how about customizing? Don’t get tacky, look cool and show all your love <3

sports accessories

  • Gifts for a vain boyfriend

Accessories they are in fashion for both them and them. For those who are stylish and like to rock out there, it’s nice to give away cool bracelets (or gold, silver), necklaces, piercings, watches…

boyfriends gift accessories

What about? You can find this accessory for boyfriends on Aliexpress

boyfriend accessories

Another accessory option, also available on Aliexpress

→ Nobody remembers, but if your boyfriend is tattoo lover, it’s a good idea to present him with a session so he can choose a design to scratch his skin. Who loves tattoo knows very well what I’m talking about and will definitely love this option!

gifts for tattoo boyfriend

And perfume, cream, clothes… are they good options for boyfriend gifts? Well, these are always traditional and what everyone thinks. In general, it’s something very specific and personal, and since the idea is to surprise, choose something else cooler! 😀

→ For those who are at the beginning of a relationship, want to give that basic spice to dating and for those who are thinking of going into a more serious commitment, there are some really cool things:

A different alliance to make the relationship official, how’s that?

creative alliancecreative alliances

For geeks!

different alliances

King + Queen

Or one scrapbook (sdds orkut) with fun stories of the two of you from the beginning of dating until now – and with blank pages for more stories to be written!

scrapbook for boyfriendscrapbook

Finally, an amazing night valley in a restaurant + motel to give a celebrated ‘basics’ on his (a) birthday and let love speak louder? Sometimes the moment is worth much more than something material!

dinner for boyfriend

A trip also counts! It doesn’t have to be in Paris (or you do, you know, lol), but there are some super cool and economical options for passionate places for couples at the Hotel Urbano and at Groupon!

romantic trip

Cheap and Handmade Gift Ideas

And when you can’t buy it? At the time you collected all the coins, cleared your savings account (but there was nothing there), begged your mother or your friend to lend you money and it still didn’t work out, put your mind to work and all your imaginary gifts and creative – with a dose of love – to make by hand (that’s right) your boyfriend’s gift.

diy valentines day

DIY Valentine’s Day | Photo: TrashyFame

Remember that the DIY (do it yourself) is a trend and helps you to put all your artistic skills out. You can invest from a scrapbook (why buy it, isn’t it?), to a mug with paint, a drawing, an outfit printed by yourself, a bracelet, a box with pictures… What matters is the meaning, and if you convey all his admiration and love, there’s no reason he doesn’t like it! ♥

But what about the handmade boyfriend gifts tutorial and step by step? Calm down, we’ve separated some really cool videos for you to get inspired and copy everything!

  • Box + love coupons + cheap gift options
  • A pot of love with simple, handcrafted materials
  • + 4 suggestions for cheap, handmade gift ideas for your loved one
  • + 6 gift options for usual, functional and creative valentines
  • Stylish and beautiful bracelets/bracelets with costume jewelry

What matters is to perfect your intention and show that you care about your boyfriend. Do not be attached to values, but something that has to do with it and that shows all your love! 🙂

For those who love, giving is something classic and symbolizes how much you care for your partner – and that does not mean something expensive or material, specifically. These are just a few options for gifts for boyfriend, but nobody better than you to know his tastes and surprise him positively.

boyfriend gifts ideas

Do you have any questions, suggestions or criticism? Don’t be shy and say it all in the comments. For other tips and ideas, take a look at the other posts, there are some really cool things. To the next! 🙂

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