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Trends in Christmas decoration for 2019. Christmas 2019.

Maybe it’s too soon to talk about Christmas decorationbut if it would be good to start talking about the trends in Christmas decoration. And we are already seeing some of the safest bets for the decoration of the next New Year’s Eve celebrations. We’ll talk about it in this article…

Trends in Christmas decoration

Very diverse environments, from the most minimalist spaces to the most rustic environments, with that natural decoration that already caused a real furor last year. Next we will bring you a series of trends for you to organize and plan the decoration of your Christmas corner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lover of the classic Christmas decoration or if this year you’re looking for original ideas for Christmasto get a little out of the ordinary.

A cosmic and minimalist decoration

Yes, cosmic is fashionable. We do not know whether because of the large number of “end of the world dates” that we have overcome without problems, or simply by adding a new theme. The truth is that it is one of the trends in Christmas decoration. We’ll see trees that look more like planetary trees, Christmas balls with entire universes or lights that recreate small planets. It is evident that the stars will not be able to miss, you can use them with the typical ones. wreaths of lights that have been in use for the past few years.

Christmas balls with cosmic motifs

Modern Christmas balls

Different Christmas Tree

Colorful Christmas

As far as the color palettes are concerned, although the classic Christmas colours will continue to be trend (yes, a red and green Christmas is still possible), the truth is that the Multicolored Christmas more and more. It is, therefore, feasible that in the coming months we will see environments full of color. A great rainbow in the shape of Christmas trees for all tastes.

Colourful Christmas decoration

Colourful Christmas decoration

Minimalist Christmas trees

Today’s houses often try to escape from the too showy decoration. Therefore, it is not surprising that for this year more and more people are starting to see the minimalist Christmas trees. Like Christmas trees on branches. They can be painted white or leave their natural color to give more warmth. Although the truth is that white will always give more game to be able to include the color later.

Christmas tree with branches

Christmas decoration with branches

Christmas decoration with branches

Different Christmas crowns

Christmas crowns won’t go out of style, not this year at least. However, this time we are going to see much more striking crowns, those that are created with unconventional materials. Colourful or monochromatic crowns, fruit crowns, flower crowns or even crowns with artificial feathers.

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