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Original Christmas decoration. Different Christmas decoration.

Yeah, the big ones. Christmas treesThe chimneys with socks, the stairs full of garlands and Christmas decorations in red, white, green, silver and gold are “pure Christmas”. However, it is possible to decorate the house with much less. Precisely today we want to share a series of ideas for all those who prefer to have one. much more subtle Christmas decorationdelicate and less eye-catching. Here are some of them ideas for an original Christmas decorationwith style and elegance.

Original Christmas decoration

There are actually many ways to achieve this. From choosing a small corner to decorate with a few things, or how to replace Christmas candles with other safer and equally warm elements. There are proposals of all kinds and for all tastes and pockets.

A single Christmas corner with little

If you do not want to mount a big Christmas tree, nor a big crib or manger, but still want to give a different touch to your house around this time, choose a corner. Yes, any corner, like the entrance to your house or that corner you don’t use for anything but it’s the first one you see when you enter your house. This place will allow you create your own Christmas corner with little. For example, a clear glass vase with a few dry branches can be converted into a different christmas tree. Hang some white ornaments and you’re done. You could also create your own Christmas star with a series of branches and rope. A star you can surround with candles.

Christmas corner

Christmas star

Star garlands as original Christmas decoration

Stars are a Christmas symbol that we love. Delicate, elegant and decorative. If we join this symbol with another typical one like the garlands, we obtain as a result an element that you will be able to place in any corner of the house. Subtly drop it, hanging from a coat rack, between two columns or over a vase with a green pine shoot. Elegance is served.

Best of all, you can do them yourself. All you need is cardboard, scissors and thread. There are those who prefer to use the typical star-shaped gift ribbons. The truth is that the result will be an original and different Christmas decoration.

Christmas star garlands

Stars to decorate Christmas corners

Stars to decorate Christmas

Replacing candles is easy

Tired of candles? Yeah, we like them. They are beautiful, some have delicious scents and give a charming and dim light. However, there are alternatives to candles that might come in handy. Remember that lighting candles always carries a risk. Although it is a simple flame, there is a fire, so if you have children at home (or animals) we recommend the following LED lights LED lights to replace candles? Why not? Look at these examples. Garlands of LED lights enclosed in small glass urns. An object that well placed could illuminate your next Christmas.

LED light garlands to decorate Christmas

Christmas decoration with LED light garlands

Small and different trees

Do you prefer to avoid the big Christmas trees this year? Yeah, they’re really nice, but riding them is a pain in the ass. But that doesn’t mean that you completely reject the idea of having a Christmas treeSolutions? There are countless alternatives. Wooden trees, for example. You’ll find different sizes, and best of all there are also mini models, those you can put on your shelf.

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