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Commitment to a sustainable and ecological Christmas decoration

Christmas arrives and with it the illusion of decorating our home to give it a festive and magical air. This year, why not bet on a more sustainable and eco friendly Christmas decoration? Reuse materials and old objects to create original Christmas decorations that you can make yourself.

How to make Christmas more sustainable

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The Christmas holidays are one of the most excess timeIt is important to note that this is not the case in both diet and wallet. Little by little you can change habits to get a More sustainable Christmas.

  • Buy useful gifts. Find out what the person you have to give away needs. It’s a way to get Christmas presents right.
  • Do it yourself. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you make yourself. You can give away a fantastic photo album, weave a nice sweater or scarf…

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  • Sustainable Christmas decoration. Discover your artistic vein and realize Christmas decorations with recycled objectsused plastic bottles, cardboard toilet paper rolls.
  • Second-hand shops. The purchase of second-hand products helps to protect the environment and does not contribute to chain production.
  • Fair Trade. Before you buy Christmas presents check out stores like Intermon Oxfam. You can find countless things to give: fashion, cosmetics, books, toys, decoration …

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  • To wrap gifts recycle too. Reuse paper (any paper is good: magazines, newspapers) to wrap gifts.

eco friendly Christmas decorations

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Nature offers you an infinity of products and materials for a sustainable and eco friendly Christmas decoration. You can use: branches, pineapples, leaves, nuts… Combine them with loops, ropes or candles you can create beautiful Christmas centers for the table.

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Sustainable Christmas decoration: Christmas wreath with recycled elements

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We need to be aware of the importance of respecting the environment. You have to take into account the 3R” rule: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Christmas crowns are perfect to welcome your guests this Christmas. Why don’t you make the crown yourself with bottle corks? These recycled objects are perfect for a more ecological and sustainable Christmas decoration.

  • You will need cork stoppers in good condition, wire to give it the shape and size you want and glue to glue the corks together.
  • To decorate the crown stick red fruits between the corks and add a nice Christmas ornament made up of red balls and benches with pine or fir branches.

Ecological spruce

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There are an infinite number of alternatives that do not involve cutting down trees, or manufacture of Christmas trees with toxic materials and pollutants such as PVC. In order to achieve a more ecological and sustainable Christmas decoration, the company bets on firs made with polyethylene which is a more beneficial material. Another option is that you can make them yourself with recycled cardboard.

Christmas figures with recycled paper and cardboard

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Cardboard is a perfect material to make all kinds of figures and Christmas decorations and get a more sustainable Christmas decoration. Collect all the cardboard and papers that do not serve you and create beautiful stars, original Christmas trees … You just need a little time to cut, fold and glue in the company of the smallest of the house.

Christmas decoration: felt socks

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If you are passionate about handicrafts you can not stop making Christmas socks with felt. They are indispensable in many countries where Santa leaves gifts or sweets. Felt is a very easy material to handle that’s why it’s perfect for making beautiful Christmas decorations that will serve you so much to decorate the Christmas tree, hang them in the fireplace …

  • Choose the felt in the colors that triumph in the Christmas holidays: white, red and green.
  • Draw the silhouettes of the Christmas socks on the piece of felt and cut out.
  • Join the two parts of the socks sewing the edges, leaving the top free to keep inside candy or small gifts.
  • You can customize the socks by naming your family and friends or paste a Christmas motif like a star, heart…

Wood and esparto ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree

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Making Christmas decorations with wood and esparto grass is a good way to opt for natural materials and get an eco friendly Christmas decoration. It’s a perfect craft to involve your children during the Christmas holidays.

Christmas lights with coffee capsules

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Reuse the coffee capsules to obtain an original luminous garland. to decorate your home. Paint them a dark colour (navy blue, black) and decorate them with beautiful stars. Perforate them so you can go through a strip of Christmas lights.

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What do you think about these proposals for a more sustainable and ecological Christmas decoration? Think of the holidays as having a big impact (cutting down trees, consuming a lot of plastic, etc.) on the environment. That’s why it’s important to do our bit to try to reduce it.

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