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Proposals for Christmas decoration 2019

We must say that we were pleasantly surprised by the diffusion that was given in social networks to the last article where we advanced what will be the trends for Christmas decoration of this year. So much so that we decided to share more proposals for Christmas decoration for 2019. Especially for those “advanced” who are already beginning to think about the New Year’s Eve parties.

Proposals for Christmas decoration

The different firms begin to send us information about their products and services. Christmas collections and on this occasion we will share the proposals of very muchSpanish chain of home and gift stores. What we can observe is, in addition to the presence of the classic Christmas colours like green and red, lots of wood. In addition, gold and silver will not be missing this year in the Christmas deco.

The classic Christmas colours are back

In fact, they never left, but lately we had seen how other colors were beginning to be used for Christmas decoration. This year the red and green come back much stronger. And this is good news for the more “conservative”, because surely there will be many more alternatives on the market in these colors than in previous years.

Red and green to decorate Christmas

Red and green in Christmas decoration

Wood in Christmas decoration

What we see is that this year the wood is coming. This material is an excellent ally for the classic red and green, as it provides the warmth that is often lacking in the Christmas decoration. The wooden crates will be seen a lot this year, those typical boxes of fruit or crates. Wooden silhouettes will also be a trend this holiday season, such as stars, pines and so on.

Wooden boxes to decorate Christmas

Christmas decoration with wooden boxes

The gold returns to the Christmas decoration

With this color the same thing happens as with green and red, they never left, but in the last Christmas we noticed that it lost presence. However, this year we will once again see a lot of gold in the Christmas table and also in the Christmas trees, as well as in the cribs or cribs. We love gold because it brings elegance. The tableware with golden details or in this color, will be a good bet for dressing up the gala table at these parties.

Gilding in Christmas decoration

Crockery with golden details

Crockery in gold for Christmas

More proposals for Christmas decoration: silver and grey colour

To silver color I couldn’t miss this year. Also the grey one. We see it present in different ornaments, ribbons to decorate the Christmas tree. The silver details will give a special touch to your Christmas deco. Another must-have this year will be the typical wreaths of lights. The good thing is that more modern variants of these garlands are beginning to be seen and we love them.

Silver details for Christmas decoration

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