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Decorate Christmas in silver. Christmas Decoration.

It’s true that the two classic Christmas colors are red and greenbut there is another color that is also a classic for New Year’s Eve parties, and it is the silver color. Generally we see it complementing the embellishment in conjunction with other colors, although some choose to use this color as the protagonist of the Christmas decorationor even there are those who dare to use only silver color to decorate Christmas. Well, here are some ideas for decorate Christmas in silver.

Decorate Christmas in silver

What we can say about this color is that it is a very good companion for many others, such as purple, turquoise, red, and many more. The color silver will bring a quota of elegance to any space where you decide to use it, either at the table, in the Christmas tree, or even if you decide to. decorate the entrance of the house for Christmasthis color will give it a special touch.

Red and silver to decorate Christmas

Did you ever imagine decorate your Christmas tree using only red and silver? Here you can see the result. In this case it is a Christmas tree in silver color. So much so that we can see that the protagonist is silver, because red is present to a lesser extent, in details such as Christmas balls and other ornaments. What do you think of the proposal?

Ideas to decorate Christmas in silver color

In the previous example it was a silver-coloured treebut we can also decorate Christmas in silver and red a tree of the classics in green color, that are the ones that most have in their house or those that are easily obtained in the stores.

Red, green and silver for Christmas

Decorate Christmas in silver and pink

Would you dare use pink for Christmas decorations? Maybe pink just not, but how about we combine it with silver? Look at the result. A perfect combination of femininity and elegance.

Christmas decoration in pink and silver

Turquoise and silver to decorate Christmas

Maybe you’re looking to get out of the classic. If so, what do you think about decorating the Turquoise Christmas? Here we see what good result we get from the combination of this color with silver.

Christmas decoration in turquoise and silver

Silver Christmas decoration

And if you are in the northern hemisphere, in some region where it is very cold at this time of year, you might be interested in the idea of decorating everything in silver, or in silver and grey. It may look cold, but after all, in those regions Christmas is, precisely, on very cold and snowy days.

Christmas tree in silver colour

Christmas tree completely in silver color

Grey and silver for Christmas

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