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red and green, two Christmas classics. Classic Christmas decoration.

If there are two classic Christmas colours these are red and green. While they’ve been seeing each other lately. Christmas decorations that escape the classic, as we well saw some time ago some ideas to decorate the Christmas in turquoise and also in purpleThere are many people who cannot conceive of a Christmas without green and red. Of this we will speak in the following lines, of the red and green, two Christmas classics.

Red and green, two Christmas classics

In most cases we see that the color green is present because, generally, the Christmas trees we get in the market usually come, almost all, in this color. If you’re a lover of classic Christmas decorationyou’ll love the proposals we bring you today.

Green as the protagonist of Christmas decoration

If you like green very much and you want this color to be one of the protagonists of your Christmas corneryou can add ornaments such as spheres or Christmas stars in one or two shades of green, and if you combine it with red the result will be great. We can also play with different decorations in the same shade of green but with different textures, as seen in the following example.

Red and green in Christmas decoration

Red, green and wood to decorate Christmas

If there is a material that combines perfectly with red and green is the lumber. In all its tones, as we see in the following images. We can find the wood present either on the floor, in the firewood for the fireplace, and also in packages and gifts wrapped in wood paper.

Red, green and wood in Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration in red and green

Red, green and white to decorate Christmas

Needless to say, this combination works perfectly with white. There’s a reason this is another one of the classic Christmas colours along with gold and silver. In any Christmas decoration there will be room for white.

White, green and red in Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration with a lot of green and a touch of red

Red and green, two Christmas classics to decorate the house door

These colors are ideal not only for the Christmas tree but also to decorate other sectors, such as the front of the house, the front door or just some corner that we want to highlight. Precisely recently we shared 10 ideas to decorate the entrance of the house for Christmas. We invite you to read it, surely you will find some proposal for you.

Decorated entrance door for Christmas

Christmas arrangement in red and green

Red and green to decorate the Christmas table

It is also a good choice to opt for these two colors for decorate the Christmas tableespecially if this one is made of natural wood, which will give you a field air charming, ideal if what you want is to get a Rustic Christmas.

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