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Ideas to decorate the room for Christmas. Christmas decoration.

The New Year’s Eve parties it’s right around the corner and you’re probably already looking for ideas to decorate the room for Christmas. While it is true that we can mount our Christmas corner in any sector of the house, the living room or living room is one of the sites most chosen for the Christmas decoration. You can decorate the front door of your home for christmasyou can also ride a nice Christmas hallbut the Christmas decoration in the living room should not be missing.

Ideas to decorate the room for Christmas

Next we will share 7 ideas to decorate the room for Christmas. We hope that you like them and that they serve as inspiration for your room to look great this holiday season.

Ladders to decorate Christmas

We love the ladders to decorate Christmas. It’s not the first time we’ve talked about this resource. You can get very special corners with this element that, generally, there are in most of the houses. If it is an old staircase, in disuse, much better, because with it you will be able to obtain a vintage or rustic air of the most charming thing. In this case we see it next to the chimney, with a Christmas wreath and fabrics with Scottish prints.

Ladder and fabrics with Scottish prints to decorate the room at Christmas.

Christmas in red, green and white

For lovers of the traditional there is no Christmas without the classic colors. We’re talking about red, green and white to decorate the Christmas tree and its surroundings. This year these colors are trend in Christmas decoration. As is always the case in the world of decoration, it is very common to return to the classic. Although we must clarify that in this case the classic Christmas decoration has never gone, only that in recent years had given ground to more modern decorations. This year we’ll see red, green and white everywhere.

Decoration for the living room at Christmas in red, green and white

Christmas decoration in turquoise and silver

Next we will see a room where we have chosen to use basically two colors, turquoise and silver. The silver colour always offers elegance, and the turquoise freshness. If you like to get a little out of the traditional, you’ll love this room. If you’re interested in this color for, you can see more ideas in a post we published some time ago with ideas to decorate Christmas in turquoise colour.

Decoration of the living room for Christmas in turquoise and silver

Christmas decoration with tropical air in orange

Unfortunately it is not easy to find on the net images of tropical Christmas decorations or summer. This seems to be due to the fact that many countries in the south, despite spending Christmas in summer or on warm days, still have habits and customs of decorating and living Christmas with the traditions of the north. We loved this living room decorated for Christmas where the green predominates, as in almost every Christmas decade, and details are added in orange, which gives it a certain tropical air that we love.

Christmas decoration with orange details. A tropical touch.

Ideas to decorate the room at Christmas with lots of lights

The wreaths of lights are a Christmas classic. We love them. We see a lot of lights in this room. Not only LED light garlands, but also candles and candleholders with candles everywhere. This brings warmth to the atmosphere. What do you think? Do you want more ideas to decorate the healthy Christmas? Keep reading, there’s more…

Christmas decoration for the room with garlands of lights and candles

Different Christmas tree and purple color

This of different or alternative Christmas trees is very fashionable these past few years. We can say that we are facing a trend. In this case we see a Christmas tree in two dimensions (you could also get this with a decorative vinyl or sticker) and a bunch of wrapped packages that pretend to be gifts, in purple. The truth is, the whole outfit looks great.

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