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Tips for making room at the table for large dinners

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Christmas is just around the corner. A time of celebration, joy, but above all, a time of reunion. At Christmas time, the typical family dinners are held, both on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. As you know, these are expensive dinners that you have to sell a kidney to pay for, or ask for a quick credit from those that appear on TV. But because scabies doesn’t bite, we eventually fall back year after year.

These dinners are characteristic because they bring together many different foods, sweets, drinks… Come on, a real mess on the table. In the end they even discard dishes just because they don’t fit with everything in them. In this article we will give you a few tips to have more space at the table so that everyone is comfortable.

Do not overload

In this type of dinners it is very common to use underdishes for each of the diners. This conveys elegance and good work, but if we are many people it’s better to gain space and put the dishes on the table. Still, if you want the table to have that chic touch, you can put a placemat for each plate. Although, personally I’m not a big fan. I’m more of an opinion that everything on the table serves a purpose.

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The right dishes at the right time

It’s not necessary to have all the dishes on the table for the whole dinner. Ideally, you should only have the plates, glasses and cutlery that you will actually use. When someone has finished their plate, they can get up and go to the next one, in case a different plate has to be used. The same for the glasses and the cutlery.

Another thing to keep in mind is the different types of plates and glasses. Please, if you’re going to eat cake you don’t have to do it on a normal plate, that’s what small plates are for. These dishes are ideal for dessert and on top of that we will optimize space. The same goes for wine served by glass and the like.

The sideboard is there for a purpose

You must help yourself from the furniture around you. Don’t be afraid to use them because their main purpose is to help you serve meals. In fact, we are mainly talking about the typical sideboards that are usually placed next to the table in almost all salons in Spain. In this type of furniture you can put the plates and glasses that are going to go out to the table following the dishes and glasses currently available to diners.

Watch out, and if you need even more space, you can even use the shelves and bookcases. Empty the holes you need, and put in place those things that need to be near the table, such as bottles, other cutlery, tools… That way you will avoid getting up every little time.

Small chairs

And finally, a little trick that I usually perform at my mass dinners: use chairs that do not take up much space. Choose lightweight, small and thin chairs to make diners much more comfortable. You’re probably saying: What nonsense! That doesn’t make sense! Yes, it does. Small chairs make it easier to leave when a guest needs to, without disturbing the rest.

We hope that these tips have helped you and that you know how to apply them on your next Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. Happy holidays!

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