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Discover the key elements to achieve the best Christmas decoration

Are you one of those who are passionate about finding the best Christmas decorations every year? So you’re probably already enjoying the beauty of decorating, riding or planning how you’re going to do it this time. And to help you, today we are going to define what are the elements that make the difference when it comes decorate the house at Christmas. I hope this article will be an inspiration to you.

best Christmas decoration
Source: Emily Henderson

Every Christmas, history repeats itself. And also the Christmas decorations in our house… or not? If you’re one of those who enjoy looking new details to renew Christmas styling from your living room, bedroom or hallway, today we’re going to tell you what you shouldn’t overlook to make your home look perfect these special days.

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Make the advice we give you today your own and you will be able to give a new air to the Christmas decoration without spending a fortune.

best Christmas decoration
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The tree, a must of the best Christmas decoration

best Christmas decoration
Source: Emily Henderson

Today it is one of the fundamental elements in decorating the house for Christmas. It can be big or small, traditional and classic or innovative and original. Be that as it may the Christmas firs shine with their own light and fill the atmosphere with magic.

Source: Emily Henderson

If you want a different style this year, bet on a white Christmas tree and decorate it in your own style: with golden touches, in blue, with red and green… A trick: for a white tree bet on a garland of cold lights, they will look better than the warm ones.

Green garlands, a natural touch

Source: Westwing

I love the vegetable garlands to decorate the house at Christmas. They give the space a green and natural touch so fresh and appetizing… They are also very versatile and have a lot of applications.

You can decorate with them the fireplace in the living room (if you’re lucky enough to have her), surround a window or a wide door, or decorate the staircase handrail. Wherever you put them, they’ll look great.

You can also opt for other types of garlands to achieve the best Christmas decoration. With letters, with dolls or with LED lights. They’re all perfect for putting a fun Christmas note in the kids’ room. They’ll love them!

Ideas for decorating the fireplace

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Garlands are not the only element you can decorate your fireplace with. There are other very special ways too. Hanging up felt socks so Santa can drop off presents on Christmas Eve is one of them, very decorative indeed. If you put several, place them off-center to create more visual interest.

You can also look for other types of details typical of the best Christmas decoration and place them on the mantelpiece, forming groups of objects. Small firs, candles, wreaths, balls, animals, etc. Everything serves to create atmosphere.

Get a very festive bookstore

Source: Emily Henderson

Christmas decoration doesn’t have to be limited to the tree and a few garlands. It can go wherever you want it to go, and it is always interesting to have a little detail in every corner of the house, including the bookstore in the living room.

Get some decorations that you like and put them on the shelves of your bookcase. If necessary, keep other things on display for the rest of the year during these days. You’ll get them out again after Three Kings Day!

To decorate the shelf with style and grace, stand at look at the color palette who dominates every shelf and searches for objects whose shades harmonize with the existing colors. And don’t forget to add a natural, green touch: a branch or a plant always looks good.

An elegant celebration table

Source: Emily Henderson

It is one of the keys to the best Christmas decoration. To count on a party table Stylishly decorated, it’s a gift, for guests and hosts alike. Besides, it doesn’t have to be very complicated, nor do we have to invest a fortune in it.

To begin with, bet on a simple table linen white, beige or light grey, and put table runners or mats. Combine the dishes and cutlery and, if necessary, mixes different pieces. If you do it with a certain order and sense, it can be great to combine glasses from different glassworks.

When it comes to decorating the Christmas table, you don’t need big centers or bulky decorations. A few will do. simple firs, a very current detail. Choose green, white or gold, and mix different sizes.

You can add some candles. At the table they are a fundamental magic element that makes everything shine. It is also a good idea to add some more decorations, from pine cones to reindeer figures. Above all, make sure the effect is subtle and delicate, and never overcrowd the table.

Source: Westwing

After reviewing all these highlights of Christmas decoration, are there any missing elements? Do you think they are enough or are you one of those who decorate their homes even more at this endearing time of year?

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