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DIY for the Christmas table

This holiday season, the table is enlivened with original Christmas napkin rings. If you want to be the perfect host this year, make the Christmas decorations yourself. Here are some of them DIY to dress up your napkins at the Christmas table.

Christmas napkin rings with musical score

Source: pinterest

If you want to give a fun touch to table decoration makes these fun Christmas napkin rings.

  • It is very simple to make and you will need cardboard rolls from the bathroom to which you will put some glitter and then glue.

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Source: econotas

  • Then you take a trope of red burlap cloth and stick a double-sided adhesive tape on one end to join the two ends when you wrap the roll.
  • Add a little musical score. You can tie it with a nice ribbon.
  • Finally, place a Christmas tree ornament and tie it up with string.
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Napkin rings with Christmas balls

Source: pinterest

To give a simple and festive touch to the table bets on these Christmas napkin rings that are very easy to make.

  • You will need some cardboard rolls as a base for the napkin ring and paint it black.
  • Another option is to use a cloth (felt) in black and join the two ends. Sew Velcro on each end to better attach them.
  • Choose Christmas balls of the same color and size (not too big). In this case they are white with Christmas motifs in silver tones.
  • You run a silver string through each of the Christmas balls. You have two choices: to glue them or to sew them onto the napkin rings.
  • Beautiful and elegant Christmas napkin rings to decorate your Christmas table.

Napkin rings with tinsel

Source: pinterest

  • To make this simple DIY you will only need a little bit of tinsel in red.
  • Wrap the tinsel around the napkin. Give it a few turns to make it more consistent.
  • Add the gold-coloured cutlery to give the table a festive and elegant atmosphere.
  • To finish your work, place a golden ball in the center. Add a little tape on the back to stick it to the tinsel.

Personalized Christmas napkin rings

Source: pinterest

The decoration of the Christmas table should not be left to the last moment. Now is the perfect time to make original personalized Christmas napkin ringss. You will need these materials: cardboard roll, esparto grass rope, scissors, liquid glue, ribbon, rosemary twig, brown cardboard, marker and template. Elaboration:

  • Cut the cardboard rolls in half and wind them with esparto grass rope until they are completely covered. Stick the end of the ropes with liquid glue so they don’t move.
  • Then loop the rolls and tie them up.
  • Place the rosemary sprigs under the loops.
  • We cut out the silhouettes of Christmas decorations from a cardboard board to get some beautiful labels.
  • Write the names of the guests on the tags.
  • To conclude, tie the labels to the bows with string and… You already have some fantastic personalized Christmas napkin rings.

Christmas napkin rings with red beads

Source: pinterest

This beaded napkin ring is all you’ll need to dress the table at Christmas. You will need the following materials: wire, red wooden beads, jewelry tongs, wire cutter and cloth tape. Elaboration:

  • It cuts medium sized pieces of wire, taking the base of a glass as a reference.
  • Use the glass cup to give the wire a rounded shape.
  • Insert the red beads into the wire. With a jewellery pincer, bend the two ends of the wire inwards so that the beads do not fall out.
  • To finish off, decorate these simple and colourful Christmas napkin rings with a pretty ribbon.

Christmas napkin rings with spruce gingerbread

Source: pinterest

If you want to give the table decoration a natural yet elegant touch opt for neutral colours (white, grey, etc.). Add gilt candlesticks to brighten up the décor and add a festive touch. He makes beautiful Christmas napkin rings with gingerbread cookies in the shape of a tree knotted with a hemp rope and a spruce branch.

Christmas napkin rings with balls

Source: hellocentralavenue

To make these natural Christmas napkin rings you will need ivory balls and a string. You only have to pass the cord through the balls and make an elaborate knot. On this page you can follow step by step how to do it: hellocentralavenue.

Christmas napkin rings with tweezers

Source: pinterest

If you are not good at crafts you can always opt for something simpler like this original and simple napkin ring composed of a rosemary branch and a clamp. Personalize it by writing the name of the guests at the Christmas or New Year’s Eve table.

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What do you think of these original and simple Christmas napkin rings? With them you can give a special touch to the decoration of the Christmas table.

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