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How to show off natural Christmas decoration at home

On the verge of smelling of reunion, caroling and reunions with family and friends, the time to dress up our Christmas house seems to have arrived.

And the fact is that practically all of us like our humble abode to look warm, harmonious and full of light on such special dates as these. But if you are also a faithful lover of the simplest and most earthly details, I tell you how to show off natural Christmas decoration in the most colourful, beautiful and comfortable of waysAre you staying? Well, don’t lose sight of the fact that we started.

natural christmas decoration at home IV
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Green is always a safe bet

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No natural decoration can resist the charms of the colour green in each and every possible fresh shade, so your natural Christmas decoration will be no less! Shining alone, in combination with red, white or both (why not), the green of moss, fir, pine or eucalyptus will sit your different corners so well that even after Christmas is over you’ll still love wearing it.

Natural Christmas decoration at home V
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Garlands that fall in love

Welcoming Christmas garlands into your home will always be a pompous and colourful option that is as natural as it is decorative. Any place will be perfect to accommodate them at home, but what is certain is that in door and window lintels seem to look with a special harmony and grace. Choose the length and diameter that best suits the place you want to use it, and let yourself be seduced by the effect it will undoubtedly give to your Christmas decoration.

natural christmas decoration at home
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Take advantage of nature’s gifts

If there is something precious about autumn and winter, it is that the environment leaves us with precious visual and decorative elements that we can undoubtedly use to introduce them into the home. Pineapples, chestnuts, walnuts, branches, pine, fir, moss and anything else that lets you pick a few morning walksIf you’re interested in a natural Christmas decoration at home, you’re certainly welcome to do so.

Natural Christmas decoration at home VII
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Natural Christmas decoration at home while scenting

Among the ideas to aromatize and decorate the house with natural elements, doing it also with the arrival of Christmas will give you the same pleasant and great results. Wrap your candles with cinnamon sticks, put them in a glass jar prepared with spruce, rosemary, clove, citrus, cardamom or any other natural aroma that is as harmonious to the environment as it is visual. Or even dare to make garlands out of citrus slices. Its aroma will accompany you in the last stage of the year while filling with color and originality the place where you decide to locate them.

natural christmas decoration at home II
Source: Old Farmhouse

Green and white not to miss

The combination of both colours will give rise to a natural and comfortable contrast in equal parts. You can think of both to incorporate your most particular Christmas decoration, or simply make room for the green on the white background you may already have at home on at least some of your walls.

natural christmas decoration at home III
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Look at your best version of the Christmas tree

Despite the fact that the fir tree is still the undisputed protagonist of home decorations at this time of year, there are many versions of the Christmas tree that you can fit in your home. Place in a large vase several branches that accompanied by subtle luminous garlands will manage to show you the most charming face of the environmental illumination of your particular Christmas. Holly can also give us great visual joys, also take into account as a version the sea of colorful and decorative.

natural christmas decoration at home VI
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Don’t forget about natural ambient light

Encouraging harmony and warmth in our meetings and gatherings at home will be a must. So you can’t miss candles. Forming a visual composition in the center of your table, resting a decorative set on the fireplace or a shelf in sight, in glass jars in its floating version to give a touch of natural colour to their presence… whatever version, bet on them at Christmas.

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Warm up your particular Christmas decoration

Accompanying the natural Christmas decoration for which you bet on textiles, will be a great idea in order to achieve a composition as homely as possible. Blankets, plaids, cushions, socks and everything with a soft and pleasant texture will certainly have a place.

Natural Christmas decoration at home VIII
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Tune the easy way

You can also customize your natural Christmas decorations. And little more than a sisal cord and some lasso you’ll need to get it! See how they have put it into practice with simple pine cones on the Christmas tree I show you below.

natural christmas decoration at home IX
Source: Huffington Post

As you can see, showing off natural Christmas decorations at home can be as simple as it is original, personal and beautiful. Choose the idea that best suits you and let nature be part of your home at this special time of year!

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