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Home Christmas decoration: simple and original decorations

At Christmas, we like to set up the house to welcome the most magical time of the year. Bet on a homemade Christmas decoration to make your Christmas decorations look more original and personal than ever. Here are some ideas to surprise your friends and family.

Homemade Christmas decoration with pineapples

Source: pinterest

Pineapples offer us many possibilities to dress up the house with a homemade Christmas decoration. It’s a natural resource that you can find in the field and use in many ways. To decorate them we will use two very simple materials: glitter and white glue.

  • With a brush, apply the white glue to the pineapple, especially to the tips.
  • Then sprinkle golden glitter on the pineapple.
  • Place a container underneath so as not to fill the surface with glitter.
  • It is a very simple DIY to perform and the result is amazing.
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Homemade Christmas decoration with paper

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Source: pinterest

Why don’t you opt for original and simple decorations for your Christmas tree this year? Home made paper Christmas decoration is very simple to do, you just have to be patient. You’ll need cardboard and scissors.

  • Cuts strips of cardboard 3 or 4 cm wide. The length will depend on the size you want the spheres to be.
  • Draw on the cardboard or on recycled paper Christmas figures such as stars, reindeer, Christmas trees, etc., and then cut them out.
  • Join the figures and the strip of cardboard with a thread and hang it on the Christmas tree or wherever you like.

Homemade Christmas decoration for windows

Source: pinterest

When it comes to decorating the house at Christmas, we usually focus only on the interior and forget about the windows and the outside area. Dress up the windows of your house with a simple and effective homemade Christmas decoration. You’ll only need cardboard and scissors.

  • Choose the cardboard of the color that you like, in this case it has been chosen white for simulate a snowy landscape.
  • Draw on the spruce cardboard in different sizes.
  • Place them or tape them to the windows simulating a country landscape.
  • You can add luminous garlands to give it a more cheerful and festive look.

Christmas decoration with porex balls

Source: pinterest

Fantastic homemade Christmas decoration composed of glass boxes, porex balls and luminous garlands. Decorate the balls with silver stars, thumbtacks, pins… You’ll get a original and eye-catching Christmas decoration to decorate any corner of your house.

Christmas decoration with stairs

Source: pinterest

Recycle an old stepladder to create an original Christmas tree. Renew the staircase by painting it white and decorate it with pine cones, stars made of sisal thread, luminous garlands… You will get a home-made Christmas decoration with rustic touch which adds light and warmth to the atmosphere.

Christmas Garland with Pineapples

Source: Santa Ana market

Do you want your kids to be entertained this Christmas vacation? The Pineapple Christmas Garlands are the perfect solution. It’s a quick and easy home Christmas decoration that will give a natural touch to your home. You’ll need dried pineapples, string and golden hooks.

  • Paint the dried pineapples with gold paint and let them dry.
  • Stick the hooks into the golden pineapples.
  • Pass the string inside the hooks and tie a knot so that each pineapple is fixed in place.
  • It is best to set the same distance between the pineapples.
  • Finally, you just have to hang them wherever you like, on the fireplace, on a shelf…
  • There, you’ve got a beautiful rustic and natural garland to decorate your home.

Original Christmas decorations: Christmas cupcakes

Source: cecifour-sentires.blogspot

For this original DIY you will need cork balls, glitter or confetti and cupcake wrappers

  • Paint the cork balls and cover them with glitter, let them dry.
  • Muffin wrappers, paint them gold.
  • Stick the decorated balls to the gold wrappers.
  • To finish, stick a red ball with string on each ball to hang it on the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees with branches

Source: el periódico mediterraneo

If you’re worried about the environment, go for the eco-friendly Christmas trees. The dry branches are perfect natural elements to make a home Christmas decoration and create fantastic Christmas trees.

  • The simplest option is to draw on the wall the figure of a fir tree with the branches and then decorate it with beautiful Christmas decorations.
  • Another more laborious option is to pile them up to create a beautiful Christmas tree decorated with white ornaments.

Sequined Christmas balls

Source: cocina fácil

Give an original and different touch to the Christmas balls. To make this homemade Christmas decoration you will only need cork balls, sequins and pins. It’s a simple and laborious DIY but the result will be worth it. The method is very simple: stick the sequins on the cork balls with the pins. You can create beautiful designs with sequins of the same color or by combining several shades.

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What do you think of these ideas for an original and simple home Christmas decoration? I hope it helps you decorate your house this Christmas.

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