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Nordic Christmas Decoration – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Who doesn’t like Christmas? All those decorated houses and full of lights. All those Christmas decorationsthat warmth and magic that permeates every corner of the city. Well, many may not feel too much love for these dates, but what is clear is that these holidays are an excellent opportunity to give a different touch to our house.

Nordic Christmas decoration

If you want to escape the typical Christmas decorations and want to bet on something different and subtle, you’re going to love today’s idea: decorate your home for Christmas in the purest Nordic style.

Simple white lights

It escapes the colored lights of every year. It bets for the white lights; and it is that, it is necessary to remember that the Scandinavian style feels great predilection for the white spaces. The garlands of light can be on your Christmas tree, but don’t underestimate their decorative power, they can be great for decorate hallways for Christmaswindows or any corner of your house. A different and warm touch for the kitchen, the dining room or even a bedroom.

Foyer decorated with Christmas lights

Wreaths of lights to decorate Christmas

Nature in its purest form

The decoration based on natural elementsis another of those maxims that we should not forget. Pineapples, for example, can be an excellent complement to any Christmas table centerpieceor to place them loose on any piece of furniture. You can paint them white if you want, or leave them in their natural tone. In addition, the use of branches and wood is also interesting. How about a star with sticks? Yeah, it could be a great ornament for your foyer.

Christmas star made with branches

Low cost Christmas table centerpiece with pineapples

Set the mood with candles

The candles, throughout the year, give a very warm appearance to the rooms. Use them without fear for the New Year’s Eve parties. Place them in isolation, under windows or on furniture, or create compositions with candles of different sizes. If you opt for candles, don’t forget to blow them out when you’re not at home or when you go to bed.

Candles to decorate Christmas

Christmas decoration with candles

Alternative Christmas Trees

Don’t fall into conventional Christmas trees if they don’t finish liking you. Any idea is good for creating your own personalized fir tree. Use, for example, a spruce branch. Put it in a bag, well tied, and decorate it. Do you prefer something simpler? Maybe a small wooden fir is what you’re looking for to show that Christmas doesn’t necessarily have to be opulent.

Find more ideas in “Alternative Christmas Trees“.

Christmas tree in wicker basket

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