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7 great ideas for Christmas centerpieces – Interior and Exterior Decoration

In Christmasin addition to trees, nativity scenes and outdoor decorationwe must not forget our tables. Yes, it’s a time for family lunches and dinners. Events with the people we love the most. If we take care of our dishes to offer the best of our cuisine, we must also take care of the details when dressing the table.

7 great ideas for Christmas centerpieces

In this article we offer you 7 great ideas for your Christmas centerpieces are original, different and beautiful. From the most natural to the most delicate options. Choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Crystal always works

Candles are always a good contribution when it comes to creating centerpieces. But the crystal can also give it a touch of the most delicate. It doesn’t take much, just a fine glass cup, a vase or any other container of this material in which we can put one or more candles. In addition, you can decorate them, either by introducing them inside green leaves or pinochaor decorating the outside with flowers.

Christmas table centerpiece DIY

Christmas table centerpiece with crystal glass

One of pots for the center

And if you’re looking for fun and original containers for introducing candles, how about some nice flowerpots? Choose those whose size fits the size of the sail. Plant them. Yes, with his moss included, and even, if you want, you can add some color to it with red berries. You will get a centerpiece of the most original and different.

Christmas table centerpiece with small pots and candles

Christmas table centerpiece with pots and candles

With cinnamon smell

A hot chocolate with cinnamon always comes in handy at Christmas time. Let’s move this essence to our centerpieces. How? Covering our candles with cinnamon pieces in branch. By heating the candle, you will be able to impregnate the atmosphere with these very particular notes. Besides, if you prefer, you can paint it with the color that best matches your decoration.

Christmas centre with cinnamon

Table centerpiece with candle and cinnamon

Centers with vegetal magic

One of the most beautiful forms of decorate Christmas is through plants typical of these dates. Mistletoe or pine, for example, is an excellent choice. A special table centerpiece I could go through a little Christmas spruce, after dinner you can always plant it in your garden. Another idea we love is to use branches with red berriesfor we must not forget that red is one of the classic Christmas colours.

Centrno videño DIY

Christmas table centerpiece

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