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Ideas for decorating balconies at Christmas – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Decorate balconies and terrace for Christmas can be the funniest thing. Why limit the Christmas decoration just to interiors? Make your balcony or terrace imbued with the magic of these holidays and surprise both your visitors and anyone who has the opportunity to see it from the outside.

Ideas to decorate balconies for Christmas

In this article we will give you some ideas to decorate balconies and terracesfrom subtle white lights to large hanging stars. Choose the option that best suits your tastes.

A natural Christmas exterior

For starters, remember that the Nordic styleas well as rustic or even vintage, are trend. Bet on a natural decorationwith few colorful touches, if what you want is a subtle and elegant effect. You can opt, for example, for pine branches that cover the entire railing, and is there anything more Christmas than this tree? If you want, to complement, you can opt for natural decoration based on pineapples or pieces of wood.

Natural Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration with pine branches and pineapples

Garlands with balls for the more cheerful

A garland can work, but the truth is that, for the most part, that of the Christmas balls full of color love it. Do not doubt it, use these garlands of pine decorating them with an endless number of balls of thousand colors. Bet on the bright ones, which will capture the sun’s rays outdoors during the day and at night will look like small stars on your balcony.

Wreaths with Christmas spheres

Garlands with Christmas balls

Christmas candles that create ambiance

Candles are always a good resource for decorate exteriors. In Christmas too. Buy candles of different sizes and place them on your terrace or balcony to mark certain corners. You can use glasses or glass jars to place them or introduce them in more sophisticated elements such as chandeliers or candleholders lantern type. Creating a still life with different heights in your candleholders, adding candles of different sizes and thicknesses, will help you set up a very special corner.

Candles to decorate balconies at Christmas

Balcony decorated with candles and garlands of lights

A Christmas symbol, the star

Although Christmas symbols there are many, lately, in the snapshots hung by the net, as well as in the images of diverse decoration magazines, the Christmas stars have an absolute protagonism. On this occasion, they go from being small decorative elements to becoming the absolute centre of attention. Yes, it is possible to decorate with big stars by placing them on your terrace or balcony, either in the form of an alternative crown or the typical paper stars that can be hung from any branch or plant.

Christmas stars to decorate

Christmas star

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