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8 ideas for decorating halls at Christmas – Interior and Exterior Decoration

When we decorate our house for ChristmasMany times we forget corners that can be magical at this time of year. For example, the hall. It should be noted that it is the letter of introduction for our visits. Therefore, transferring the magic of Christmas to this area of the house is an excellent idea.

8 ideas to decorate halls at Christmas

Here are 8 examples of how you can decorate hallways for Christmas. From huge trees to the subtlest ornaments, anything goes when it comes to Christmas decorations.

Let the red fill it all

We love this example of Christmas hall. Red and white balls everywhere. Could there be anything better? Special mention should be made of the use of the green garland to decorate the shelf of this hall furniture. A simple ornament that will look great if the entrance of your house has white furniture.

Foyer decorated for Christmas with classic colors

Naked vegetation and the transition to textiles

In this specific case, we observe how they have chosen to use resources such as the crown or branches of fir, but without embellishment. It’s true that the little Christmas tree has some Christmas balls decorative, but its color is very subtle, reserving the red for the textile.

Christmas decoration with textiles and vegetation

Rustic Christmas with crochet

Excellent example of a rustic Christmas decoration chic in this hall. Use of a bare fir tree, as in the previous case, whose foot is covered by a precious XXL crochet blanket, one of those worn so much today.

Crochet to decorate Christmas

Tradition with the Christmas tree

Although not everyone has enough space in the foyer, if that were the case, we might be able to consider the option of placing the Christmas tree in this room of the house. Without a doubt it will impact our visitors, arriving and coming face to face with a huge tree decorated in a traditional way.

Christmas tree in the foyer

Classic halls with gold and white

The most classic foyers, those that have heavy wooden furniture or large mirrors with recharged frames, find a good ally in the golden color; and it achieves that the elegance that already present considerably increases. A good example is the one in the following image, in which a small tree has been adorned with white and gold balls.

Gold and white for the Christmas decoration in the foyer

A Nordic hall for Christmas

The Nordic style is still in love. This example can fit very well into this trend that raises passions. We observe few notes of color, only white and gray. A simple crown, cushions with light-coloured Christmas motifs and a wooden Christmas tree do the rest.

Christmas hall with Nordic style

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