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8 ideas for decorating fireplaces at Christmas – Interior and Exterior Decoration

The Christmas fireplaces are quite a luxury. If you’re lucky enough to spend Christmas in winter, you’ll love this article. Few elements of the home can present themselves as warm and welcoming as these corners. If you add to this the magic of the Christmas decorationsthe result can become the decorative focus of any room.

8 ideas to decorate chimneys for Christmas

In this article we will give you 8 different ideas to be able to decorate chimneys. Different options with current decorative ethyles. If you have one, don’t miss the opportunity to give it a Christmas touch. Choose the proposal that best suits your tastes.

Christmas trees by the fireplace

The layout of the halls can vary greatly depending on each house and its square meters. However, to have a Christmas tree by the fireplaceis perhaps one of the most Christmas stamps we can imagine. This example illustrates perfectly how both elements complement each other, always following a decorative thread, in this case white.

Christmas tree by the fireplace

Socks for the whole family

When you think of a Christmas fireplaceFor example, socks or Christmas boots. The more traditional ones opt for models in which red and green are part of the print. However, we opted for this option, in which white is still the winter color used, and is that we can not think of a better option to represent the white Christmas.

Christmas socks in the fireplace

Minimalism in the environment

If you are one of those who prefer minimalist environments, if your fireplace moves away from those large and robust models, perhaps you like more decorate with small brushstrokes. A subtle red crown and a simple sock may be enough to show that Christmas has come to your home too.

Minimalist Christmas fireplace

A very leafy fireplace

This example is one of the most romantic we have found on the net. This is a special fireplace, in which the fire of the trunks is replaced by candles, and their shelves, are beautifully adorned with natural garlands of green leaves. The stars, also a very Christmas symbol, are not lacking in the composition. Decorating both the small central shrubs and the hole in the chimney.

Decorated fireplace for Christmas

Red as a common thread

Without leaving much of the previous example, we find a chimney in which the vegetation is also a direct part of the embellishment. However, in addition to green, they have opted for a touch of red, an indisputable Christmas colour. Garlands with red fruits, mistletoe and natural brushstrokes thanks to the textile and the wooden wall.

Red and green to decorate Christmas

A Nordic Christmas

A clear example of a Nordic Christmas fireplace could not be missing. White is still the absolute protagonist. However, wood decorative elements are also used to provide warmth. Again the Christmas stars are positioned as the chosen decorative symbol; and it is that they are one of the many trends for Christmasin different sizes and with different formats.

Nordic Christmas decoration for the fireplace

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