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Elegant Christmas tables. Ideas to decorate the table for Christmas.

How many times a year do we all get a chance to be together? The Christmas is magical and usually makes us all closer than ever. For this reason, family lunches and dinners gain so much prominence in these New Year’s Eve celebrations. Wouldn’t you like the Christmas table of this year was the most elegant in the world? In this article we will share some ideas for elegant Christmas tables. We hope they inspire you.

Elegant Christmas tables

These are simple ideas that you can include in your next Christmas table. From details like napkin rings to Christmas centerpieces. Make the magic of Christmas come into your home and get a corner where you can bond and say everything you love each other.

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A table runner

It is not always given the importance we should, but if we are talking about elegant Christmas tables we should keep this resource in mind. The table runners are very interesting elements for the Christmas decoration. If we play well with textures and colors, we can create a strong contrast. A path that delimits the center of the table, in which to place the centers and perhaps the common dishes. Although you can use the fabric you like the most, we can not deny that the table runners with sack type fabric give added value.

Christmas Table Runners

Paths for elegant Christmas tables

Green Christmas centerpieces

It’s a classic. There’s no Christmas table without a center. Otherwise it’s like we see her naked, isn’t it? At this point the green centers win. There are people who include red candles or pineapples. This year we are betting on simpler centres. A green mantle of pine branches, for example, with some candlesticks with white candles. A sophisticated Christmas with a certain Nordic or even rustic air.

Green Christmas centres

Green Christmas centerpieces

Details are always welcome

Don’t neglect the details. For example, napkins. If you don’t know how to make complicated birds or various shapes, don’t worry, they’re not that fashionable either. We can say they’re overvalued. Bet on small details that wrap the napkin. Red details, maybe with touches of cinnamon. A little mistletoe wouldn’t hurt either.

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