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Christmas decoration with candles. Ideas to decorate for Christmas.

We love the candle decoration. First of all we must say that they are cheap and easy to get. They are also very interesting to make centerpieces, or even to set up small Christmas corners at home. In this article we will share some ideas for the Christmas decoration with candles. We hope they inspire you.

Christmas decoration with candles

If you are looking for economic ideas to decorate your home for Christmas, be sure that candles can become a great ally. Write down these ideas that we offer you below that will surely be useful to you.

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Candles and green touches, 100% success

Simple as hell. You only have to take some candles, as big as possible, of those that remain standing without the need to stick them on any surface and that don’t require either candleholders. Tie green branches with ribbons, or use small remnants of sack or burlap cloth. It will be a good complement to any Christmas table or for that sideboard in the driveway.

Candles to decorate for Christmas

Decorated candles for Christmas

Christmas decoration with candles in containers

Although a candlestick would be a nice choice made to measure for your candles, innovating is always good. There’s a lot of economic ideas by the net to create different holders for your candles. Look at these two examples. On the one hand, some candle holders made of glass bottles. In order not to make the thing too dull, a green touch has been introduced inside. As the circumference fits perfectly in the mouth of the bottle, the wax will not fall in.

Candles to decorate for Christmas

The other option is to use a few cans and create a nice DIY pot. Keep in mind the moss, which gives it a very eye-catching touch. If you also want to paint some kind of message in them, you can do it easily. Put them in the Christmas table and surprise your guests with a completely different center.

Christmas decoration with candles

Candleholders made with pineapples and trunks

Yeah, like you read. It’s not complicated at all, even if it seems so a priori. In the case of pineapples, cut off the upper part and slowly empty it calmly. In the case of logs you have to make a hole in the central part, so that it seems that these pieces of wood directly embrace the sail. The result, as you can see, is an absolute beauty. Simple and easy to place in any corner of the house.

Pineapple Christmas Candle Holders

Home made candleholders with trunks

If you prefer, you can do it with a long log and make small holes to create a larger centerpiece, which will turn your table into a unique and magical place.

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