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Golden Christmas decoration. Ideas for Christmas.

There’s no color more festive and elegant than gold. Decorate the house for Christmas with golden details will give a lot of glamour to it. So, it doesn’t matter if you do it through the tree or with small pieces spread all over the house. In this article we want to share some ideas for the golden Christmas decoration.

Golden Christmas decoration

We love color gilded for Christmas decoration. We can use this color to decorate the ceiling, the sofa, the Christmas tree, and any corner you want to decorate for the occasion. You could also make a few DIY projects, easy and fun, to place these New Year’s Eve parties.

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Christmas decoration in golden colour: the Christmas tree

Yes, the simplest thing when it comes to decorate Christmas with gold is to look at the Christmas tree. You can buy a lot of golden Christmas balls, paint them yourself and also add strips and tinsel in this color. The contrast with the green will make it shine even brighter, creating a very special corner in your living room or foyer. Also, if you have a fireplace, extend this combination of green and gold in the fireplace decoration. A golden garland with pine and socks with golden details, will put the perfect final brooch to this environment.

Christmas decoration in gold

Airborne Christmas centerpieces

An alternative to traditional Christmas decoration could be to create aerial table centers. Yeah, like you read. Table centerpieces hanging from the lamp or ceiling. Gold is an excellent choice for this. A good idea would be to do it with several spheres in this color but different finish (matte and gloss) at different heights. You will create a very attractive collage that will surprise all your guests in the dinners of these holidays.

Aerial mensa centres to decorate the Christmas table

Golden details on the table

In addition to the centerpieces (aerial and non aerial), you can also include gold on your table with small items. You could place small balls, much smaller in size than a few. Christmas balls distributed all over the table. Also use DIY napkin rings with a gold finish and it would be ideal if we could achieve crockery with gold details too.

Golden details for the Christmas table

Decoration of the Christmas table in gold

Christmas table centerpiece with gold details

Golden details for the Christmas table

Guiding Stars

The stars are an element of the most Christmas, in fact some time ago we shared an article with 24 ideas to make your own stars. If you also use gold stars, the effect will be much more shocking. In any decorating shop you’ll find them. You could also create your own with paper and gold paint, perhaps with some glitter, as we love to shine around this time. Hang them in the foyer, over a dresser, or in the hallway.

Christmas stars in gold

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