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Ideas to decorate the New Year’s Eve party – Interior and Exterior Decoration

Has this year touched you organize the New Year’s Eve party? If you want to surprise all your guests, remember that in the details is the difference. This time we’ll give you some keys to decorate the best New Year’s Eve party.

From a special table for the toast to decoration in walls and ceilings. A good cotillion or positive messages. Choose the ideas you like best and get ready to dazzle all your guests, and above all, Happy New Year to everyone!

Messages for the New Year

Needless to say. decorating with letters is fashionable. It’s not the first time we’ve seen messages, single words or initials decorating everything from living rooms to kitchens. New year with this decorative trend placing a nice message of Happy New Year. You can do it in many ways, buying inflatable letters to hang in your living room or with a DIYpersonal and own. You can make them with cardboard, glitter and paint, and don’t forget that gold and silver are the star colors during this magical night.

Decorate New Year with messages

New Year's decoration with inflatable letters

Ideas to decorate the New Year's party

Decoration hanging

DIY can not only be present in letters. If you want to surprise your guests, bet on the hanging decoration. Create golden pompoms with tissue paper. Incorporate a thread and hang them over the main table. Another excellent option is to create garlands of silver and gold stars to hang in any corner of your dining room.

Details for New Year's Eve

Garlands to decorate New Year's Eve

A table for the toast

At parties, tables are often set aside as exclusive sweet corners. At this very special dinner, we could create a corner for the toasts. Fill it with balloons, foil and confetti, and bottles for uncorking and toasting. If you have any waitresses at home or even kitchen counter you can decorate it so that it becomes your New Year’s Eve bar. If you’re not lucky enough to have this element, any aid table will do.

New Year's Eve toast table

New Year's Eve Toast

Customize your cups

A great way to pamper your guests is with details for New Year’s Eve tableas could be the personalization of the glasses. Create glass feet with the name of each guest, for example, with sherbets or golden and silvered straws to adorn your glassware. Do not forget that on this day clocks play an important role, they are a symbol in the New Year’s EveWhy not create cup feet with beautiful paper watches? A colour for each guest, so that they can differentiate their cup at any time.

Custom New Year's Cups

Personalized drinks for New Year's Eve dinner

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