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Original gift wrapping ideas for Christmas and Epiphany

Surprise our people with presents is one of the most exciting things about the Christmas and Three Kings Day. And although it is often said that the wrapper is not as important as the intention or what is inside, we must recognize that a well presented gift looks like two. So that’s why we want to share these original gift wrapping ideas.

Original gift wrapping ideas

Surely after seeing these proposals you will love them. If what you want is to give a personal and unique touch to your Christmas gifts or King’s Day, keep reading this article.

Personalized gifts

It is important to identify the gift well, especially if there are many of us at home. An excellent idea is to make letters with paper, sticking the initials or the whole name. Also, if you choose a black paper, it might work to draw and write with a gold or silver pen, remembering that they are the most glamorous of the colors. New Year’s Eve parties.

Personalized gift

Gifts with the name with trimmed letters

Personalized gifts

Coloured pompoms

They’re fun and easy to make. The wool pom-poms, the ones we’ve probably made when we were little on occasion. You can decorate your gifts with several, of different sizes, or bet on a large central pompom that fills the whole package.

Wool pompoms to decorate gifts

Gifts decorated with pompoms

More original gift wrapping ideas

If you also want to add a sweet note to your gift, what better way to do it than by placing a candy in it? Candy canes or lollipops, which are also the most festive, will come in handy. Choose the right size, not too big or too small, and tie it to your gift with a string around the package.

Gift decorated with a sweet

Personalized gifts with lollipops and canes

Details with sweet canes in gifts

A natural touch

For those who love rustic decoration and natural, an excellent idea is to replace ribbons and other decorative motifs with green branches. No matter what kind of plant, green is always a hit. Although if you prefer, you can also add some flowers to give color, or bet on aromatic plants to give a different point to these gifts. Not everything is living nature, placing dry leaves can also give it a very chic touch.

Gift decorated with rustic style

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